Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"The People of the Clouds" should not have their "heads in the clouds"

There is a growing Trend, especially amongst those frequenting the "Counter-Currents" website, of Pseudo-Intellectuals in Aryanists Movements; those with Minds filled to the brim with Abstract Notions, whom Consider Empirical and Logical Necessities like Agriculture, Pastoralism and Warrior Cultures to be "beneath Us; for the Savage, Negro, Toiler"; Despite that it never had such things to begin with.

 They're so Fascinated by Arabs, Dravidians and Mongoloids for Their Metaphysical "Supremacy"; however, these Pseudo-Eurasianists Fail to Comprehend the Scythian, Tocharian, Proto-Persian, True Isra'el'ite and other Aryan Influences upon such Lesser Races.  Without White Influence throughout Asia, the Yuezhi, "White Hunnic", Kushan, Assyrian and Parthian would have not Existed, and there would be no Debates about their Composition and Culture.

It is like the common View of "Occidental Quarterly" and "Occidental Dissent"; where no one seems to have Concluded that rather than working backwards from now in Attempt to Create a Non-Jacobin Liberalism, calling this "Libertarian Nationalism", it would be more Logical to work forwards within a Nationalist Mindframe from the Root of everything of a Non-Monarchist Nature.  Still, I'd Recommend Combining the aforesaid with a Minarchistic Monarchy; for the exact Nature of how, Refer to my other Article: "Revive Our Past, Improve Our Future".

There's also the Website "Aryanism", which claims an "Aryan Third Position on Gender"; continuing on the path of Metaphysics, They Forget to Consider Genetics.  Basically, apart from believing We used to be Fundamentally Androgynous, They Decided that Foreign Agendas of Homosexuality can be "Tolerated" so long as it isn't Flaunted.  The Fact that it was Introduced to the Hellenes by Edomites, Chamites and Cinites, used to Condemn the Gods that they had grown Weary of, rather than to Praise such Adulteration of their Mythologies, Exaggerated in Influence by Khazars and others Opposed to White Traditionalism, and used to Slander so-called Barbarian Whites for Political Reasons, is Ignorantly Neglected if not Blatantly Denied by these Faux-Aryanists!

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