Friday, December 14, 2012

Revive Our Past, Improve Our Future

  What I've wanted to do for some time is take the Common Elements of Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Slavic, Baltic and Hellenic Music, Language, Mythology and other Folklore, Fashion, Defence,  Artistry, Architecture, Agricultural Methods, Medicine, and other Scientific and Philosophical Matters, and syphon from this all that which Resulted from Interaction since 200 A.D., in Attempt to Reconstruct any Lost Facets of Cultures of Steppes and Saka Scythians.

We could Compare and Contrast that with what We already Know of Scythia, which is Considerably more Comprehensive and Considerably more Nordic (Mummies and other Skeletal Remains Prove this - so you can say "Nordist"/Nordicist" all you want!) than Mainstreamers would have Us believe, as well as doing such a thing to Extract the Vedic, Tocharian and other Scythian Influences from Mongoloid, Arabic and Dravidian Cultures!

We could also do it for the likes of Proto-Persians!  Such a thing could also be done for Proto-Berber/Amazigh and Proto-Egyptians, as well as the Clovis Cultures - Created by Our Solutrean Brethren!

Then, We could Compare and Contrast this all to that of The True Isra'el'ites!  Additionally, We could do it to the Cultures of Old Europe i.e. Pre-Classical Antiquity; before Scythian or other Lost True Isra'el'ite Influence had been felt!

Of course, all of this would also Require Us to Cull any Foreign Influences; We need to Acknowledge when Europe and other Historic Homelands of Ours were Invaded, or Our Ideologies were Corrupted - not Pretend the Influence only went out from Our Explorations!

The Difference between the Vagabond and the Explorer, of course, is that the Explorer Brings Innate Civility with him - whereas the Vagabond Innately Wrings Desecration!

Comparing and Contrasting it all, I believe We can Theorize rather Accurately how a United White Race in a Solely-White World would Function.

Personally, I like to think it would be a Theocratic Nationalist, and thus Cultural Traditionalist (for Our Nation cannot Survive without a Culture as Valid and Sound as Ours!), Fusion of Steampunk and Cyberpunk; a Requiem of Tesla, Verne and DaVinci!

However, there would also be "Radical" Departures from what is in Literature and Film today; Militancy would likely be Non-Existent because The Lack of Foreign Influence would Render it Unnecessary, and the Degenerate Behaviors that are Literal Meanings of "Punk" would be Replaced with the Obsession for such Technological Innovations that it is often Confused with.  Additionally, many seem to Forget that Agriculture is Necessary to Survival - this World would never have Forgotten that!

It would have Biblical Judges, being Judge, Jury and Executioner, and Serving as Vigilantes, in Addition to Civilian Posies and Vigilantes, in the Rare Case that such be Needed in such a Society, and a Scythian-Style Loose Confederation of Aryan Nations; each Tribalist Monarchy would be Minarchist in Structure - though would Rule with a Rod of Iron over Moral Affairs!  When on Royal Family is to Marry another, it would Preserve both Cultures via a Personal Union.  It would be, of course, Meritocratic; Based upon Empirical Science and a Corresponding Philosophy of Logic.

You could say that what I Imagine is Archeofuturism, from a Twin Seedline Christian Identist Perspective.

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