Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Perspective: Part II

Have you ever wondered why it is that the crowd cheering for "Peace And Love" is nonetheless capable of the most Heinous of Crimes?  Clearly, Peace and Love have been Re-Defined. They have found a way to be both loved and feared; a way that even the Humanist Machiavelli would have found Beyond Perverse!

Think about it: When in Love, one is experiencing a Chemical Reaction which is Scientifically
equatable to Oxycontin; that is why one literally feels Withdrawals when the object of their Affection isn't there or doesn't reciprocate.  Conversely, Fear can Culminate into Stockholm Syndrome; where one Idolizes and becomes Dependent upon their Captor. Either way, one becomes Tolerant of these ideas; their past Convictions are Damaged or completely Destroyed by a Warped sense of Loyalty.

Remember what The Fundamentals of Brainwashing are: 

Now, imagine you are bombarded virtually from Birth with notions of how Evil your Kind is, and how you are Evil for not having done enough to Atone for these Sins. Seeking Redemption, in a thoroughly Skewered sense, they gravitate to whichever group appeals to their need for Nurture and Affection; in the Sad Irony of it all, this group is almost-invariably the same group which Abused them in the first place!   Such are the Tactics of The Multi-Cult.  


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