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The Slumber Pains: A "Cultural" Critique: Apathy, Hypocrisy and Media-Worship

I heard so many people talking about "The Hunger Games", so I gave it a try; I realized that there was more to be gleaned about the Author, and Society at large for its obsession with it, than there was Substance to the book.  Think of how she describes the Social System; she implies "White Privilege", especially when speaking of how the fair-skinned, blond-haired people lived in the Apothecary (i.e. the Market Sector of any District), opposed to working in the Mines.  Nordics, we are lead to believe, are The Root Of All Evil.  

Ironically, the area she calls "The Seam" (Appalachia) had an older set of Slaves who aren't mentioned in the so-called History Books; those known as "The British Isle Boys" - Celtic Slaves! 

Consider, also, her alleged Critique of City Life; while the "strong, independent, female" i.e. Feminist Protagonist views them as Arrogant and Dimwitted, they perceive the poor girl from The Seam the same way.  Giving backhanded compliments about overcoming struggles, basically saying she is poor and stupid, we are lead to believe "Rednecks" could never mount a serious Defence.  She is the type to mistakenly point to The "Civil" War (albeit there was no attempt to Seize Washington, D.C., thereby not meeting the Criteria for a Civil War, rather being what The North called "The Great Rebellion" and The South called "The War Of Northern Aggression"); the Error of this is that Judah P. Benjamin (a Khazar) refused to supply Reinforcements.  This event, more than any other, changed the Fate of the War.  The South had been Winning, prior to such, and only began to Fall afterwards; the position Compromised, instead of The South either holding it or more Wisely, Advancing Northwards, The North Advanced (with no lack of Immorality in its Methods) Southwards.  Additionally, it was largely "Rednecks" - North or South - who were Instrumental in America's Independence.

Consider, further along the note of City Life, that she implies a presence of Homosexuality not felt in the out-lying Districts; this, however, is alleged (via her implications) to be Justified by Their allegedly-superior Fashion Sense.  We are told, in true Hypocritical Fashion, that the "Hillbilly" girl is more fit for Survival albeit she nonetheless is captivated by the Technology of the City, and quickly drops her Convictions when a hot meal is presented.  She is Irrational, her Emotions running her constantly, albeit she herself talks Vainly about how she doesn't let herself do this because it proves fatal.  She also, in true Multi-Cult fashion, must be saved by a small Negress; though a Race-Conscious Person might laugh at the tales of her swinging from tree to tree like a chimpanzee (though she changes it to squirrel), most would be (as the "strong, independent" Katniss was) impressed at her unique ability to do the Superhuman in jumping who-knows-what distant whilst 80 feet in the air (and I by no means exaggerate that number; it is stated quite frankly, as it is stated that someone fell an impossible 30 feet before getting up to brush it off). 

Now, let's Analyze the presence of Fear in the Public's Mindset of the fictional Panem, shall We?  First, consider how she is said to be able to hit a squirrel in the eye with an arrow from 30 feet however she believes that (to quote another Cultural Marxist Phenomenon) "Resistance Is Futile".  We are given a message of Forgiveness to those whom have wronged us, even going as far as to slit our tongues and make us Slaves (or an Avox, in the book); this "Judeo-Christian" notion is an Insult to Scripture, however the complete absence of any Religion (even mentions of God) indicates either an Atheist trying to Manipulate "Judeo-Christians", or a "Liberal" trying to avoid Offending Non-Christians whilst trying to Manipulate "Judeo-Christians".  Hope, rather than Prayer, is mentioned. 

While such a Regime would likely Ban Christianity, there is no indication from the book that anyone is aware that it ever existed.  This indicates an Apathy not simply in this Fictional Society, but in actual Society; for this Society admits that Society has "disturbing parallels" to this one, albeit it Willfully rushes towards something far worse than it.  Those of you paying attention know my Stance on the Inevitable Race War, and my anticipation of a Final War within this century, so - after pointing out again that Suzanne Collins pushes The Alienist Agenda - I'll move on.  While she speaks of the main character's ability to do the most absurd physical feats, and her excellent Hunting Skills, albeit she at the same time makes her a novice with traps albeit (somehow) she is able to learn these in one day (albeit she had failed to do so up to that point in her 16 year old life), she had refused to attempt an escape into the woods; albeit she did this frequently to Hunt, she was convinced she would be captured if she tried to stay.  Nonetheless, however, she ends up doing just that; that is, after she escapes the arena.  In Reality, as she even mentions herself, this would put her Family in great risk; nonetheless, even though she is supposed to have Volunteered to save her Sister, she does in Fact put them at risk. 

I'll spare you the strained attempts at writing a Love Story into the over-rated and improbable-to-impossible Action, however it goes back to her being Irrational; putting herself and her Family at risk. 

On that note: While it is implied that Family is Important, we are lead to believe that the "strong, independent" girl has single-handedly been taking care of both her Little Sister and her Mother, since her Father's death in a Mine collapse years ago.  We are also told (in a way that shows she knows nothing of Military Medals, Merits and Honours) that her Father was given a Purple Heart posthumously; her Mother became withdrawn, so she collected.  While this makes women gush, I suppose, it isn't Realistic; after all, this is the same Regime we are told has a complete disrespect for Human Life, and we're also expected to believe they kept track of the Mine workers albeit (somehow) they don't have track of School Children. 

Now, let's examine some other inconsistencies:

The Story tells of The 74th Hunger Games, yet we are expected to believe that (after, in an Economically Retarded move, The Capitol nuked an entire District; since each District is restricted to one Economic Purpose, this would have had a Grave effect - not to mention there would be no more Taxes to be Collected from it!) the destroyed District 13 is still Inhospitably Radioactive!  Contrast this with the Real-Life Dresden Holocaust by The Allied Forces (of Zionism), White Holodomors by The (Khazar-Lead) Soviet Union and other actual Genocides; these were not about Economics - though The Soviets did thinly Veil Genocide under the 'guise of such!  There was no such mention of "Social Justice" in this poor attempt at something Novel, however, so we can only Conclude this would have merely been her Ineptitude bursting through! 

After more Emotions triumphing over Reason, and a Complete Lack of Socio-Economic, Political and Military Comprehension, the Story continues to descend into a Complete Lack of Comprehension of Game Theory (as well as a continuance of the rest of the Absurdity!).  The most obvious things are supposed to have been overlooked by this All-Powerful Regime, such as a lack of water in a Desert Arena killing people off before there was a good Fight (since you can only Survive 3-4 days without water), or snow freezing people to death because they weren't provided adequate clothing or even forests or caves to seek shelter in.  Keep in mind that Katniss points out, in the story, that it is largely believed "The Game Makers" started an Avalanche to kill off a "Career Tribute"; "Careers" being those from the more-prosperous Districts, which it says occasionally have Volunteers, whereas this was unprecedented in poor District 12, who Illegally Train for "The Hunger Games" (albeit it is said no one does anything about it, to allow for a better show, we are expected to believe having them Fight against those who are Untrained and generally just hide will - somehow - be more Entertaining than allowing everyone to Train!).  Despite such capabilities, they are incompetent in preventing a sixteen year old girl (who admits to being "silly" i.e. stupid) from Escaping and making a Mockery of the Almighty Capitol!

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  1. I also have a Critique of Stephen King, coming soon, as it was his endorsement that caused me to pick up "The Hunger Games". I already had a dwindling respect for the man, and while he can Envision great things, his Story telling is surprisingly Amateur; albeit not to the point of Defeating The Story. Now, as I become more and more Disgusting by the "Progressive" and "Neo-Con" Agendas he pushes, I have no Respect for him, and a greatly diminished respect for his Writing.