Thursday, April 5, 2012


Lifton described the Fundamentals of Brainwashing as:

Assault on identity
Breaking point
Compulsion to confess
Channeling of guilt
Releasing of guilt
Progress and harmony
Final confession and rebirth

Now, compare that to "Multi-Culturalism":

"There is no such thing as a 'white race', and there never has been."
"The crimes of your 'white' ancestors are evident because you exist."
"All 'whites' are Racist, and need to atone for this."
"We need to eradicate this way of thinking."
"If you give up those silly Racist ideas, you can have a better job!"
"Why won't you just admit you are a Racist? Do you like being a bigot?"
"You're starting to sound like a Racist!"
"Fighting Racism Is God's Will!"
"Aren't you so much happier now that we have this rich, diverse, enlightened, multi-cultural society full of Equality, Peace and Love?"
"You don't really want to be a Racist, do you? That's just what your parents and teachers forced you to believe! You'll be much happier once you put all that nonsense behind you.  

There is even a drug called "Propanolol"

Self-Loathing looks a lot like this:

Believe this isn't a Construct of Jewry? The Facts, then, are against you.  Try looking up Noel Ignatiev.  That's what an "Enlightened Educator" is; a crack-pot with two pieces of paper it calls diplomas, that has said repeatedly that it want's to destroy Our White Race!  Wake up!  My Brothers and Sisters, We should have launch The Resistance long ago!  We should have always Resisted Them!  We should do so as long as We are exist - and We shall remain in existence! 

If it is or can be warped to seem in any way "Racist" and comes from Whites - They Attack it! If it is obviously Anti-White but comes from Jewry - They claim it's Libelous or Slanderous!

They claim never to have Murdered the toddler St. Simon of Trent, or St. Hugh The Little of London, or St. Andreas of Rinn, or St. Dominguito del Val, or St. Christopher of La Guardian, or any of the other Martyrs which They have made!

They even claim that They never Bribed Judas Iscariot to Lie about Christ!  We know, however, as even Roman Records Confirm, that Judas was Bribed thirty pieces of silver in order to Betray Christ!  They did this because The Tradition of The Elders of Esau-Edom a.k.a. Judaism did not have a Death Penalty!  Thus, They Blasphemed Christ to be a mere Common Criminal, and had the Roman Occupation to Their Esau-Edomite Occupation do Their Bidding!  It is actually called a "Felony Hate Crime" to say such things.  Does that not indicate an Ungodly level of Power They have developed over The Masses?! 

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