Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A response to Senate Bill 909: Part I: Why Incest needs to be Taboo

 Historically, 4th Generation and under were Forbidden; once Earth's Populations were large enough, a Micro-Evolutionary process kicked in that is now call The Westermark Effect.  This generally Solidifies in one's Epigentics (the Semi-Malleable aspect of Genetics, which surrounds the Permanent "Ladder"), and can even be transferred to the next Generation; which should also experience this Effect, itself.

Furthermore, Forensic, Cultural and Physical Anthropologists have all Observed that a part of Tribalism amongst Ethnicities of European/Caucasian/White Ancestry would extend this Healthy Practice of what is now called Eugenics, to Culling the Undesirables.

However, if that doesn't develop, it must either be because one didn't spend much time around them as a Child, an Epigenetic change occurred due to Chemical exposure (especially if in one's Formative Years), pre-existing Incest in one's Family, or any combination thereof.  Sometimes, Abuse leads one to develop either Stockholm Syndrome and/or a Warped Guilt/Shame Complex; which may cause, at least temporarily, The Westermark Effect (perhaps even if said Effect was also Inherited via Epigenetics) to be over-ridden. 

Qualified Geneticists Recommend extending the Taboo against Incest even later than the 4th Generation; in attempt to minimize Dysgenics which have occurred since the Ban up to and including the 4th Generation in any direction, and to prevent future developments of such. 

Outside of Incest, one receives half one's DNA from each parent.  With Incest, the levels might get knocked out of whack, and there are other Complications that may arise whether that one happens or not.  No Siblings receive the same fifty percent per parent, even (almost-)Identical Twins (there is always some difference, otherwise they would be a Clone), but it still comes from the same Gene Pool. 

Assuming one does not have irregular percentages, which occurs via being Inbred, since Normal Procreation produces an Offspring with half its Mother's DNA and half its Father's DNA, one would have the following via one's Parents: 25% of each Grandparent, 12.5% of each Great Grandparent, and so on and so forth. 

Considering that everyone shares at least 98% of their DNA with monkeys (some populations are as high as 99%!) - the thousands of Genes differing between even Distant Cousins is nothing to be laughed at! 


  1. Let's examine the Arguement for Perversions: "Ethicist" Tauriq Moosa claims that Incest and Homosexuality are "logical". Genetically, there are greater risks of Deterioration from Incest than Non-Incestuous Relations. Homosexuality is Contrary to Biological Purpose; as Evidenced by Males and Females existing, with the Dysgenic Mutations that are Hermaphrodites having originated relatively recently, and Procreation requiring certain Sexual Activity between the two when both have reached the proper stage of Puberty. For the latter Reason, Pedophilia also Runs Contrary to Biology.

    Many Pseudo-Intellectuals will claim this is no different than a Post-Menopausal Woman or Sterile Being of either Sex engaging in Sexual Activity; the Error in this alleged Reason is that other Biological Developments are different.

    It isn't only the Individuals, either; rather, it is also their Descendants or lack thereof, and the Effects of the aforesaid on Genetic Lines which they Breed into or other Social matters. Ultimately, one must decide weather it is Moral/Logical to Condemn or Condone all things which have either a Direct Genetic Detriment or other Negative Social Impact; as measured by Objective Standards. As each Perversion (measured as a Differentiation from Eugenics) would claim "bigotry" when opposed, it would lead to the Conclusion that things Eugenics would deem "Normal" are instead "Perverse".

    For one so opposed to the use of Doctrines of Morality against Perversions, he sure does use a lot of Condemnation for Beliefs which Differ from his own!

  2. Noticed, have you, the Disproportionate Number of Non-White "Intellectuals" Advocating Perversions? Given that most Non-Whites have a lower I.Q. than Whites (especially Considering the Fact that many Non-Whites are Falsely Classified as Whites by this Alienist Despotism and Affiliated Organizations; both Lowering the I.Q. Score Attributed to Whites and Raising that Attributed to Non-Whites - as well as doing the Reverse of each regarding Statistics of Criminality!), this would Indicate a Social Design; the existences of such Doctrines as "Egalitarianism", "Affirmative Action", "Political Correctness", "Multi-Culturalism", "Redistributionism", and other things (Expressly or otherwise) Intended to Promote the Concept of "Collective White Guilt" for alleged Sins against Non-Whites, Confirms this Diagnosis of Social Degeneracy by Orchestration!

  3. It should also be noted that the Genetic Deterioration which can occur in Non-Incestuous Relationships is, ultimately, the Result of Incest somewhere in their Ancestry; Populations only get so large, and Breeding with another Race is Deleterious to Whites - though Non-Whites get a Genetic Advantage from Miscegenous Procreation with Us! Thus, it is best for Us to not only stay within Our own Race but also to Avoid Incest (Close Genetic Relationships); Historically, being True for thousands of years, since Populations were large enough not to Necessitate it, as well as Genetic Detriments now being at a High Risk from that Perversion, this was held to be up to and including four Generations in any Direction! Now, given all the Genocides against Us, even if you only count those of the last century alone, We are in even more Desperate Need than ever before of these Bans on Perversions!