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Considerations on American and Finnish Socio-Economic Models

There has been talk about Finland's Low Child-Poverty, Surprisingly-Functional "Public" (Government) Educational System, and Low Crime-Rate.  There's Speculation about why this is, but let's Consider it from a Different Angle than what you here from the "Progressive" and "Neo-Con" (Socialists, both):

90+% of Finland is either European or Europoid with some Mongoloid Admixture that have about the same Culture and have been there for almost as long (not as long in the Southern Portion, but perhaps longer in the Northern Portion), with the Largest Non-Europoid Minority being a Single-Digit Percent of Euro-Mongoloid Mixes with either a Mix of Phenotypes or only Mongoloid Appearance that are mostly Isolated in the Sparsely-Populated Northern Portion called "Lappland" (Literally: "Simpletonland").  I think that's most of it.

Now, let's Consider the Factors that are often Listed:

1 Year Paid Parental Leave actually sounds good to me; it's 1 Year of an Internship or Job for someone else (the Merits of the two otherwise being Equal, the one with the Highest Probability of having White Children while Employed should be Selected; if neither is more Likely than the other, then the Younger of the two should have it), and Encourages Bonding, Responsibility and further Reproduction among Parents.

Child Care would be Affordable to more People, if not for Unnecessary Taxation (something which Exists at an Opportunity Cost several times over; once in that you do not have Free Will over it, and then that Bureaucracy must Charge and Pay itself for this Inefficiency, once again Depriving you of Control over where this Stolen "Salary" goes) and there would be more Options or one would come to Dominate by Demonstrating its Merit (that is, as it is not Assisted by Tax-Dollars but rather Subject to Scrutiny).

I'd like to have a Clarification of the Context of "Basic Income For Minors", before I Agree or Challenge the Notion.  An Allowance is really the Responsibility of the Parent(s), but a Minimum Allowance may be Practical under certain Conditions.

"Guaranteed Job For Everyone Under 25" does not sit well with me; if it was White-Specific and had an I.Q. Standard of at least Average, then I would Discuss Terms because I'm sure something that will Satisfy both Capitalists and Socialists could be herein Achieved.  I have Modifications I would like to make to it, coming from a Capitalist Background and most Associated now with Physiocracy, but I Suggest that The Grand Charter of Fascism be Considered as a Template for whatever shall Evolve henceforth to Unite the many Factions of Our Cause.

The Idea of a Youth Council, whether a Chancellery, Congress or Parliament, has Intrigued me for Years; I was not Aware it actually Existed in Finland, until recently.  Under the aforesaid Conditions, I would not find it Reckless; I would actually find it so if they were not Involved so Actively in The Political Process.  I would like to Discuss with my Brothers and Sisters what Criteria there should be for it; I Suggest that while it should have Divisions Based On Age, each having to Meet a Resolution not only by a 2/3rd's Majority within its Membership, but with each of the other Branches by the same, the Vote of each Member and each Branch should be Equal.  My Thought is that it will Protect the Younger from being Intimidated by those Older yet not Emotionally as Mature, and the Older from being Distracted by those Younger and not Emotionally as Mature; each has those whom Develop at Varying Rates, but Teenagers are Timid to be Compared to Children and Children are Eager to be seen as "Cool" by Teenagers, so each must Demonstrate to the other first what is Typical of their Age-Range and where Common Ground does Exist.    

As for their Education System, let's first Dispel a Commonly-Cited Myth about why it is one of the World-Leaders:

Had that been True, it would have been Fiscally Irresponsible.

Now, there are things to be said of its Schooling that are Favourable; others might just be Different, and the Circumstances being a Determinant of Better or Worse:

It has a 5 (rather than 7) Hour-Long School Day wherein they do Less Work, and they also Rarely have Homework before they are in High School.  Then, they have less.  Well, that's just Logical.

Elementary School Students also have 75 Minutes of Recess, rather than America's Average of 27 Minutes; in Finland, you take a 15 Minute Break for Play every 45 Minutes of Class Time.  Again, Logical.

Science Classes are Capped at 16 Pupils, so Practical Experiments may be Conducted in every Class. Logical.  

43% of High Schools in Finland are Vocational.  Logical.  Someone tell the Japanese; They have a Problem with what They call "NEETs" (those Not in Education, Employment or Training).  They've made some Improvements of Their own, though.  

They don't even start School until they are 7.

They aren't even Graded for the first 6 Years of Schooling.

The National Curriculum is just a Broad Guideline to be Adjusted by the Teachers.

They Rarely have Examinations; the only Mandatory, Standardized Exam is taken at 16.

Overall,  Their Test Scores Indicate this is a Preferable System to America's.  Consider:

93% of Students in Finland will Graduate High School.  Contrast that with a Record of 80% in America.  That's not because of Improvements in Education; it's because of a General Decline in Curriculum, and "Affirmative Action" for Non-Whites that cannot otherwise Pass even with these Lowered Standards.  Finland is doing something Better.

66% of Students in Finland go to College; the Highest Rate in Europe.  By Contrast, only 65.9% of American High School Graduates went to College in 2013.  It's High Point was only 70.1 in 2009.  Granted, America's Student Loan-Bubble will Inevitably Burst and there is an Emergence of Vocational Training among the Intelligent.  Unfortunately, America is also Teeming with "Affirmative Action" and other Parasitism.

Finland also Spends 30% Less Per Student than The U.S.A., to Achieve these Favourable Results; this is more Proof that American Teachers are Over-Paid for the Half-Year of "Educating".

The Difference between the Academically-Weakest and Strongest Students in Finland is the Lowest in the World; this is Primarily because of the Ethno-Cultural Factors, but also because Fast and Slow Learners are Taught in the same Classrooms as everyone else.  If it weren't for the Positive Test Results and College Admittance Rates, this Academic Grouping would Concern me a Great Deal more.  Still, this only Works for Finland because of its Demographics.

I Conjecture from a Combination of this and Personal Experience that Finland's Results are - apart from The Primary/Ethno-Cultural Factors - a Result of the Advanced not Feeling Pressured to Prove themselves while everyone else Learns from Friends whom are more Interesting to Learn from than the Adults.  Some People just love Knowledge and will Learn on their own without the Stress; stop Bothering these People, and let them Play.  Half the time, it's the same thing; Let Imaginations Thrive.

In the same Vein, I Suggest that Students be Offered a Choice of either "Gen-Ed" or "Specific Ed"; that could be for Advanced, Impaired or Average, by Results, but with Different Learning Styles and/or Preferences in Association/Dis-Association.  Literally, for something to be "Special Ed", it must be Superior; it is Misused as a Euphemism for Inferior Education.  While some Genuinely are Learning Impaired or even Learning Disabled, many are Learning Different; with the Proper Scenario, they Learn as well as or even Better than The Average Person.

One thing I did like from American Schools is when the Older Kids would come and be Reading Buddies with the Younger Kids; this should be Expanded upon, Greatly.  Better Teachers in America will have Students Help each other.  Student-Teachers should not just be someone fresh out of College waiting to get his or (Usually) her own Class.  I'd like to see those Students whom Grasp the Content and can Relate it to the rest of the Class, actually Leading Lessons.  

30% of Students in Finland have Extra Help in the first 9 Years of Schooling; this only Reinforces my Belief in Personalized Education for everyone.

In Finland, there's a Smaller Population than New York City but twice as many Teachers; each of these have a Master's Degree.  Now, I do not put much Stock in Degrees; many Alledged "Experts" have been Horribly Mistaken or have Deliberately Promoted Falsehoods with these Degrees as all the Credence that The Masses would Require.  That said, it would Limit the Number of those that Influence Our Children and We would sooner become Wary of such Mentalities and Merit-Less Over-Representation, if that's all to which We were Exposed.

On the Topic of Politics in General, here is a Graph about the Benefits of Private Gun-Ownership (with Hints as to Crime being Disproportionately Non-White):

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