Tuesday, December 30, 2014

On J.W.B., The C.S.A., and Motivations of Men

His 1/8th Jewish Blood has made me wonder if The Knights of the Golden Circle, not Heeding the Advice of Vice President John Caldwell Calhoun, who is - in my Mind - The Greatest American, were not (if not in Founding, in later Contraction) a False Flag by a Shadow Government more Concerned with "Reconstructionism" than Lincoln; the same as was done with Communist Lee Harvey Oswald being Permitted to Return from The Soviet Union for the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, thus Enabling "Integration".  

After all, K.G.C. Member and Master Mason Albert Pike was Expelled from The Invisible Empire by General Nathan Bedford Forrest; even Disbanding The Ku Klux Klan, altogether, because this Organization - Founded as a Fraternity of White Christians of any Ethnicity and Denomination - was so Infiltrated by Jews and Free Masons.

Freemasonry is not Scottish, albeit its First Lodge was in Scotland. The Jacobite Symbolism of The Klan is, itself, a Testament to the Irony of Masonic Membership in this Institution; the Jacobites were mostly Catholic, though some Protestants were Members for Dynastic Reasons, and Catholicism Forbids Masonic Membership. Unfortunately, Novus Ordo Katholicism is - itself - a Masonic Construct.

Booth's Actions, I am Convinced, were Perpetrated only because there was the Anticipation of Apathy; had there ever been more than a Shadow of the Fear of a White Uprising not Controlled on both of the Nominal Sides, he would never have made it through the door.  Consider the following:

A Spanish Historian once Questioned why The South never did Rise Again; he looked to his own People having Resisted Moors, and the Slavics having Resisted Turkish, and Wondered why The Southron was so Complacent with his Subjugation.  Why had he Rebelled at all?

The Problem is that most did not Realize this was a Racial War, so most did not Realize that the Gaelic, Hispanic, French, English, German and Prussian Cultures that must be together Embraced for the Formation of a Southron Culture would be Eviscerated.

If these Ethnicities did not have a Distinct Culture, then those Opposed to these Peoples and their Cultures would Argue that it was Acceptable that these Peoples and their Cultures be Destroyed; that Measures were taken to Break Peoples of their Cultures would be Denied, Declared Irrelevant or even Exalted as a Positive. If a Southron Ethnicity and/or Culture were to Emerge from the Confluence of these European Ethnicities, it would be Denied, Declared an Irrelevancy or even Demonized that there Exists a European Race. The Stronger the Ethno-Cultural Bonds, however, the more a Population or Allegiance of Populations will Resist such Absurdities.

To many, this was a War about Unfair Taxation and Protecting their Business Deals with the Governments in Europe. This Included the very Government that America had Seceded from; a Government which Oppressed many of the Ethnicities and Cultures of The South, and one which Warred with other European Ethnicities and Cultures.

"How is that my concern?", "How does that make me rich?", "Why should I care?"  These Defectives are Murdering Us even more Effectively than the Non-Whites; it is for the Traitor that the Non-White is Able to do what it does so Effectively, if not altogether.  When Traitors Get Their Comeuppance, They Blame Us.  And thusly it Continues.

To Ensure this Remains so, the Jew and its Minions have Infiltrated Nationalist Movements; it becomes about Unsustainable Forms of Imperialism and Material Profit; it becomes about an Individualism that Relies upon the Collective to Provide for it and be its Scapegoat, and a Collectivism of such Undeserved Slavery and Torture.

We see this with Zionism in "The E.D.L.", "Front National" and "Right Sector" most of all, and with the Anti-Irish "B.N.P."  The Secessionist Movements across Europe are almost all Liberal or (Openly) Communist.  To be for the Survival of every Ethnicity of Our Race and the Practice of Cultures of European Composition thereby, is - in an Alienist Mindset - an Unpardonable Sin. 

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