Monday, December 8, 2014

Khazaria: The Jewish Atlantis

 In Addition to the Primary Motive of White Genocide, and the Secondary Motives that Deal with Strategic Positioning and Resources, one Motive in the Ukraine/Crimea Conflict is to Promote the False Notion of Jews as "White Khazars" by Reestablishing that Khaganate (though it never Controlled all of that Region, save if you Count Bolshevism).

Ironically, apart from not being the only Source of Jewish Blood, as Applies to all of Jewry, the Khazars were not White; rather, an Arabo-Mongoloid Horde.  That is to say, the Chanaanite and Cinite Bloodlines via Esau-Edom were Maintained; new Admixture simply took place, as it Continues to with the Unwise and Raped.

Khavar a.k.a. Kabar would become Breakaways because of the Refusal to Adopt "Judaism" (more-Accurately called "Jewism"; "Jew" is a Misnomer for all Dwelling in Judea, as not all Dwelling in Judea are Judean nor otherwise Semite!); instead Reviving the Dead Cult of Mithraism (the "Parallels to Christianity" are Recent-Additions) and Uniting with other Mongrel Pagans.

This may very well have been Planned by The Jewish Elite, to Protect its Nominal Status as an Ally of The Byzantine Empire while Unleashing Hordes to Attack more of Europe; as with Jews before and as with Jews today, the Khazars - having Mass Converted to "Judaism" in 740 A.D. - were Playing Both Sides of (then Increasingly-Christian) European and (then Increasingly-Islamic) Arabic Conflicts.  Since Biblical Times, Jewry has Established Controlled-Opposition and had a Persecution Complex.

The Modern Jew is an Armenoid Type, as are Syrians, Lebanese (Genetically-Indistinguishable between Jews and Arabs thereof) and some other Arabo-Turkish, and the Armenians have (amongst others) Iranic Blood.  The latter, at least, is found throughout Central Asia; with the Exceptions of the Kazakh being mostly a 50/50 European-Mongoloid Mix, and European Recolonization.

Georgians don't like to Admit it, but They have Common Iranic Ancestry with Armenians.  The Bats, Abkhazians, Dagestani, Chuvash, Ingush, Tajik and any other Georgians have been Proven by Genetic Testing to have Common/Turkish Ancestry.  Khazaria's Capital was in Georgia.

"Kagan", "Khaghan", "Khagan" and "Kaghan" are all Turkish Variants of Mongol "Khan", and these are Common Names of Jews and other Arabs.  Apart from Khazaria, though, this can be from the likes of Tamer/Tamur/Tamir The Lame a.k.a. Tamerlane being Islamic Mongol Turks.  Mongols also Conquered Baghdad, for another Example of these Interactions, and there were the Kushans going through Bactria to The Indian Subcontinent, as well as "White Huns" (White-Mongoloid Mix) that would later Mix with both a Variety of Turkish and Whites in Europe.

As for the other Jewish Blood: Much of it had already Invaded throughout at least much of Europe, having fond such Favour among Pagan Empires that They would Accept Jewry even after The "Judeo"-Romanic Wars that The European Christ Prophesied.  They mostly went to Spain, and so Proclaimed Themselves to be "Sephardi" [(Fakes of) Spaniards and Portuguese].

Christians, Fortunately, had and would Continue to Spread The Truth about Jewish Evil far and wide.  It is thought it was this Manifestation of Anti-Christ Jewry that St. Patrick was Driving-Out, in his Sermon that Banished Snakes From Ireland.  Remember: He was even Successful in Converting Druid Priests to Christianity, and Jewry has always been Compared to a Serpent.

The Fall of Khazaria was in 990 A.D.  Between then and 994 A.D., this Manifestation of Jewry was in Central Europe; it Proclaimed itself "Ashkenazim" [Germanic (Ashkenaz was thought to be the Patriarch of Germanics)], and Created Yiddish.  Yiddish is Their Corruption of High German with the (Nimrodian) Babylonianized Hebraic that was Created by the aforementioned Jews, as well as also Incorporating/Defiling Greek, Latin and several Baltic and Slavic Languages, with Turkish Influences.

One Mongrel, often Illiterate, at least outside of its own Language, itself a Mamzerization of others, albeit Unjustly in a Host Nation's Realms, with a Penchant for Deception, Lustful and with a Gluttony for Power, then Met another that did the same.

As each has those Accursed Biblical Bloodlines, though some more Homogeneous than others, though Inbreeding has such Odd Effects, as does Miscegenation, what Difference would the one Perceive in the other that would not be Ignored for Jewish Unity?  Look at how the "Sephardi" and "Ashkenazim" are with each other - yet how United Against Us!

Through the Predominance of Jewry now being under another Name, whether Pretending to be White or not, and the rest Marrying between Admixture, during Their Migrations, as Tribes, Clans or Individuals, these two Self-Identifying Jewish Nations would "Assimilate" one another.   This would Birth the so-called "Ashkenazim" and the so-called "Sephardim" of today; Typified as (Sub-)Europoid and (more-Evidently) Arabic, though some Overlap of Mongrels is to be Expected.

Either can Display Mongoloid Traits in a Mix with other Traits, but those that Appear just Mongoloid or a White-Mongoloid Mix are among those Types called "Ashkenazim".  It is not Uncommon, however, for "Ashkenazim" to have some Negroid Traits.

The so-called "Romaniote Jews" are Allegedly the only ones without Khazar Ancestry.  Whether or not True, these are still not Israelites; instead, these Pseudo-Romans are just another (Sub-)Europoid Form of Arabic.  

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