Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On Guernica

It's Ironic how Guernica is Condemned as a Terror Bombing (though the City was of Military Importance) by the same Allied Forces that Condone the Terror Bombing of Dresden, Despite the latter not being of Military Importance (though They will Insist there was a Communications Outpost there and that this, somehow, Justifies a Mass Genocide!).

According to some Estimates of the Guernica Casualties, more People Died from Suffocation in one Over-Taxed Bomb Shelter in Dresden than in all of Guernica.

That said, I do not Approve of the Tactics used on Guernica; I Approve even Less of those used on Dresden.

It's Questionable about whether there was one of the Traditional Market Days that Monday, as a General Edict had been Issued by the Republican Regime to Postpone these on Account of the War; anyplace both of Cultural Significance and having two Arms Manufacturers, surely would have been kept Alerted.

Either way, it might not even have been 1/13th as many Victims as Initially Reported; even a High Estimate would put it at 4.135 Times Less than Initially Reported, and Half what was Reported by even The Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union was already Notorious for Inflating Casualties it Attributed to the Enemy/Oppressed, and for Downplaying or Wholly Denying its many Sins.

America is one to talk; it had already Democided both Whites and Blacks in The South, on the Pretense of Liberating the latter.  Its "Reconstructionism" has always been more Violence, Brainwashing and Thievery.  The list goes on and on.

Only once all the Fratricidal Conflicts are all Publicly Admitted and Condemned will We have Progress Against "Progressivism"; only once those Ethnicities have Returned to a Culture that is Beneficial to Our Cause may they be Forgiven, though Individuals and Sub-Groups may Return before the Masses thereof, but it is Madness to War with your Brethren whom should now be your Allies because of an Injustice they are Ready and Willing to do all that is Humanly Possible to Correct.

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