Saturday, December 5, 2015

Considerations on Iceland on Russia

They didn't Jail all the Bankers, mind you, Contrary to the Fantasies of both Nationalists, Libertarians and Liberals, as Ironic as that might at first seem, as - Historically - "Nationalism" has been more the Domain of Jews and Leftists than it has of Pure European Traditionalists, something making so Odd that most "American White Nationalists" are so Surprised by all the Asshattery of Supposedly-Nationalist Organizations, but there was a Reduction in Their Power.

Now, "Nationalists" of any Variety, it isn't some Jew-Wise Wonderland; its "First Lady" is a Jewess, and it's a Liberal Hell. Sure, it is Partnering with Russia... but that Economic Partnership in Exchange for Defence From N.A.T.O. is a long way from Recognizing its Gaelic (Celto-Baskid), Norse and Finnish Roots being Shared by Elements of the Russian Population; most Russians are East Slavish, of one Degree or another more than any other Classification of European, but Embracing the Concept of Cooperating Across Sub-Groups for Mutual Gain as Measured by Objective Benefits to Our Race is not something The Masses do so well.

Iceland's Very Liberal, and Arabic Hordes could Devastate it Quickly.  Russia might be Able to Incrementally Improve the Social Situation of "Modernized" Iceland, and Russia might move in an Economic Direction more like that of Henry Ford's, at least in Cooperating Realms, even though "Destalinized" Bolshevism still may have a Hold on many, with Mongrelized Realms being Stalinist still, so this Conflagration might Produce some Sort of National Socialism for the Majority of Russian Life, but even these Compromises take Years to become Reality.

Without such a Threat as now, it takes Decades to Achieve such; more Highs and Lows, in-between, but not in the Regards of Overall.  That is to say: Typically in such a Fashion as Increased Socio-Economic Freedom being Purchased in "Destalinized" Bolshevik-Oppressed Realms with Increased Cultural Jewishness, whereas Decreased Cultural Jewishness is Purchased therefore with Increased Socio-Economic Oppression.

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