Saturday, December 5, 2015

Phanariotes Rising?

Trump is making Headlines, again; this time, for telling those Jews Controlling The Republican Party that "You Can't Buy Me!".  So, has he just Lost Mark Cuban and all his other Jewish Financiers?  I Doubt It.  Not Legitimately Lost will these be, that is, though there may be such Puppet Theater.

Because if he Sold his Children's Souls via Whoring the two for Their Backing, only to Defund Them Somewhat and Advance his Political Ambitions, he would be one Cold Son of a Bitch... and a Brilliant one, at that.  That's never Worked before, however, though many have Insisted that's what They were doing.  Oh, sure, there are all those Fascistic Leaders that had Affairs with Them or Opened Their Countries to Them... but this always Backfired. That is to say: Though Better than what the Communists would have done to those Countries, Regardless of whether or not that Regime had been there, these all became Self-Defeating.  

Allow me to Provide Examples:

Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, Juan Perón, Alfredo Stroessner, Hugo Banzer, Germán Busch Becerra, Jorge Rafael Videla and Augusto Pinochet all had such Ties, and there are Rumors about the Ancestry of (and/or Spouses of) most of those.  Mussolini actually had a Jewish Mistress, for awhile, and 13% of all Fascists in Italy were Jewish.  1/3rd of all Jews in Italy were Fascists, as well, and - when told he had the Support of The Jewish Community - he stood up and said he had never Doubted it.  

Don't you find it at least Suspicious that Trump's Allegedly Anti-Jewish Stance comes right after he Announces a Trip to (Faux-)Israel?  Nothing Screams "Establishment Republican!" like Proselytizing at The Roman Fortress Antonia's Wall and Pretending it is the Remains of the same "Second Temple" (rather, Edom's First Temple on the Site) that Christ Himself Prophesied that Romans would Destroy so Thoroughly that "There shall not be left a stone upon a stone, that shall not be thrown down."

But what of Trump's Rhetoric, before it is Clear what his Future Deeds will be?

What he Promises is Better than any other Candidate with a Shot in Hell, but the Question is: What will he do once in Power?  If he's actually done a Small-Scale Version of what Vlad "Tepes" Dracula had to do, to Reclaim Power from Invading Turkish Hordes (Namely, Sacrifice One Village To Save Ten... Many Times), it Answers my Question about what he'd do when Putin Follows Through on his Promise to Militarily Back "Palestine" Against "Israeli" Aggression.  


I had Expected that he would be Wedged Apart From Putin by an "Israeli"-"Palestinian" Conflict, and Ron Paul would either Play the Isolationist [so that Jew Adam Kokesh could Openly Advocate Zionism, once the Paultards have had Their "RevoLOVEtion", thus Furthering Their Stranglehold Over Us and Fratriciding Millions, on top of what the aforesaid would have done, as "Libertarianism" is just the Corporate Face of "Communism", its Rhetoric of "Freedom" - being Divorced from Morality - even Providing a Divisiveness more Destructive than that other Socialism (being any Atraditional Fusion of Government and Corporation, as Measured by Racially-European Standards)] or Utilize his Personality Cult and his own Jewish Connections to Create the Delusion that he should Switch from "Palestinianism" (which has the Potential to be at least as Disastrous for Us as "Zionism", if not more so; so many Deceived into Believing that They would be Better than Their Kindred, and the Fact that Jewry Historically Preferred Islamic Regimes) to "Zionism"; there being some "Necessity" to "Fight Racism", since he has Proclaimed this Biological Prerequisite For Our Survival to be "an ugly form of collectivism". 

It Appears, now, that either Option Two is Their Choice or They are (at least For The Time Being) not Interested in Granting this Power to Paul. Perhaps this is to have his Fanatics come to Seize Power from Kokesh, so as to Create the Illusion of "National Libertarianism" and thus another "Nazi Menace" for one Force or many to Rape and Murder Millions of Europeans on the Pretense of "Liberating" them from.  The Players And Roles May Change, But The Game Remains The Same.

Now, allow me to Clarify my Position on Ron Paul:

I even went so far as to Suggest that Paul, rather than Trump, should Win; only so that Libertarianism could be Disgraced so Utterly than any Fanatics that Survived WWIII would be Purged by the Civilization that would Arise from its Ashes.

His Criticism of Trump is not one that will Permit him to Cooperate with him, just as he would not have been the Running Mate of Pat Buchanan or any other Figure to his Right.  The Arrogance of that Individual is simply too Profound, and that is Precisely what Libertarianism about.  Arrogance, after all, is such a 'guise for Fear as Propels you to Boldly do what you should not; it is the Inverse of Courage, and Worse than mere Complacency.

But, it seems, it is to Take Longer.  Always Longer, if They cannot do it all at once; always have a Contingency Plan, and one for every Contingency thereof.  "Do Not Spare A Single Gentile", the Jew always Mulls to itself, on one Plane of Consciousness or another.  Any Temporary Reprieve is just to Lull Us into a False Sense of Security, and any Insulting Life is Granted only to Parasite from a Complimentary Life.

The Only Value, Literally The Only Value to Ron Paul is (if he Maintains this) that it may Aid in Balkanizing America; something Inevitable, if not just to Implode Completely, but Best Conducted On Our Terms.  He may well Invade, being a Hypocrite, as he is, but at least The Battle Lines Will Be Drawn.  

Perhaps it is to be Achieved another way, however, if Trump is Essentially more of the same.  He is now far more Popular than Ron Paul ever has been, with Ann Coulter's (Fiscal-Based, Jew-Friendly) Adoption of his Nativist Rhetoric even Dividing Paul's Supporters.  Some Remember when he was Vaguely Racialist, and others Rabidly Cheer his Betrayal of his Last Shreds of Dignity.  

But, I can Discern, I would be Naive to Believe that The Masses would Arise so Suddenly.  After all, the Klephts - at times - became Synonymous with the Armatoloi; each Switching back and forth, as was Convenient for Them, as They Believed it, anyway, before The Phanariotes were United enough to Mount a Significant Resistance Against Former Masters.  Hajduks and others would also Mount Resistances, but it was awhile before these were Cooperating with each other; sometimes, Fratriciding To Receive Trivial Favours From Their Masters.

"Place faith in your convictions, as the boundaries start to blur!"

Ultimately, it took those not so Obviously under Turkish Oppression to Support them; there were Various Factors that Inhibited this, but Freemasonry and Masonic-Inspired Lodges would Back such Organizations as "Filiki Eteria" and Russia would not have Nations of otherwise an Orthodox Hegemony be Subjugated by Islamic Scum and Dönmeh Jewry.

"And all those who stood by and did nothing, 

who are they to criticize 
the sacrifices of others?
Our blood has bought their lives!"

So it is today: Jewry Cannot Enforce Its Vile Order Itself.  We Must Elect Governors To Advance Our Cause.  We Must Recruit 
Dissatisfied Enforcers.  Then, and only then, will it be a National Guard.  We Must Execute Our Enemies.  Then, and only then, will Our Coasts, Borders and Homeland be Safe.  

They say that "We are a Dead 'race'."; that "We might as well just Roll Over and Accept Defeat."  

"When I hear that trumpet sound, I'm gonna rise right outta the ground."

You Don't Want To Have To Get Your Hands Dirty?  Too Bad.  They'll be Covered in the Blood of those you Love.  ...Or, would Love; if you still had this Capacity.  You Want A Slow Death?  Fine.  Have One.  Leave Me Out!  "Resist or Serve" is just the Short-Term of Our Reality: Resist, Or Perish.  

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