Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kaiser Cuck von Habsburg

Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, in a Desperate Attempt to be Relevant, has Proclaimed that Russia's Involvement in Syria will Create 1.5 Million More "Migrants" (Read: Invaders). Nevermind that it is because N.A.T.O. Created F.S.A. and then "Islamic State" to Accomplish what the former Failed to.  Nevermind, also, that his Inbred Father was an Advocate of a Bridge between North Africa and Spain upon which to Import Moorish Hordes.  Nevermind that he is the Leader of Austria's Branch of The Pan-European Union; an Organization with the Express Aims of Bastardizing Europeans and Our Cultures.

He has said that he feels as if he is being Strangled, when Hungarian University Students can't Imagine what it was like to Live under Communism just 25 Years Ago and Putin says the Fall of The Soviet Union was one of the Greatest Disasters of the last Century.  Nevermind that The Allies did nothing to Prevent that Regime, in the first place, and even Allowed Their Jewish Masters to Organize and Internationally Finance it.  Nevermind, also, that there has been a Cultural Revival under Putin that Began as much with "High" Liberal Activists as "Destalinized" Bolshevik Leaders; whereas The Allies Imported "Modern Artists" that were even more Communistic than The Soviet Union itself.

Everyone Acts like he's some sort of Neo-Nazi.  Perhaps in the way of "Right Sector", but it is now Abundantly Clear that his Involvement in The O.V.P. was only to Gain Power; he was its President, but his Allegedly "Euro-Skeptic" Views are Contrasted by his Incessant E.U. Evangelizing.

I had some Interest in seeing what would happen if he got together with Orban and/or someone with Jobbik; perhaps to make him a Constitutional Monarch in Hungary, with a Promise to Return all Habsburg Positions that were Seized by The Weimar Republic (Including those that They then Betrayed Us by Recognizing it as "Legitimate" to Retrieve; being Subsequently Seized by The N.S.D.A.P.) if he Adopted a Program like that of the Original Stated Intention of The Pan-European Union i.e. a Racially and Culturally-Pure European Trans-National Community.

After hearing a Sermon by a Pastor who Righteously Condemned Jewry, something Snapped in the Mongrel Mind of Richard Nikolaus Eijiro (the so-called "Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi") and he Reversed his Policies Completely.  He Abandoned his Ties to the likes of The N.S.D.A.P., and Cultivated Ties with Communists and Jacobins of any Name.

I had Hoped that Karl had the Intention of Reversing it, being a Nominally Nationalist Figure and having been Indicted in a Scandal of Embezzling Money from the Pseudo-Christian/Anti-European "Euro-Vision" to Fund The O.V.P.  Apparently, that was just the Puppet Theater that I had Feared it to be; Planned simply to Create The Illusion that he has Concern for Our People.  He later Paid Them 37,000 Euros, an Interest of 7K.  Otto, of course, had to Compare "Habsburg" to a Yellow Badge.  Oh, Horrors!  Karl was not Renominated by The O.V.P.  He is now the Director of Blue Shield; said to be The Cultural Equivalent of The Red Cross.  He is not doing anything for Us, but rather Aiding Jewry and its Islamic Hordes.

Someone on Facebook said they had Met him at a Gala put together by The Heritage Front, but I didn't get to ask about it; Louis Morin told me he had never Met him.  If it Occurred, his Motives for being there are Questionable.  That Organization is now Defunct, and Essentially has been since 2005.  Really, though, the only thing it ever did of Significance was Meeting with Qaddafi; I was told by Louis that he Donated $250,000.  Fat lot of good it did, though, with the Organization being Infiltrated the whole time by a Fed.

This is the same Nonsense that Falangists had to deal with from Carlists.

There are many Carlist Claimants, though, some of which I have Mentioned in Regards to other Thrones, so perhaps it's time just to Kick Things Into Gear for WWIII by Creating some sort of "Neutrality Pact" between these "Princely" Lines to Reclaim, Create and/or Reestablish Thrones; each Unable To Enter WWIII, and in a Right-Shifting Climate, a Racialist Allegiance that Respects National Sovereignty in Peace Time but Establishes Supranational Cooperation in Times of Crisis would be a Logical Path to Expect if even for mere Wish To Obtain/Retain Power.  Local Culture and Autonomy would be Preserved and Exalted, as a Means of Maintaining the National Integrity and Cultural Hegemony that each Manifests as Relates to Unique (Albeit Interconnected) Experiences.

But, then again, maybe it's Best just to Exterminate everything that has any Recent Claim to Royalty or Ennoblement; anyone Descended from Certain Figures, as well, to be either Subjected to an Ideological "Litmus Test" and Genetic Testing for both Purity and Inbreeding Coefficient or - for those not having any Line or even Exceptional Personage to Descend from Their Treacherous Selves - Simply Executed On Sight.

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