Sunday, January 13, 2013

Deviants seem Fond of Dis-Contextualization...

For every Degeneracy, there is an Army of "Keyboard Warriors" Ready and Willing to tell you all about how it's so Common and Normal, and you shouldn't Feel Ashamed nor that you
Need to Hide it; that We are merely Oppressive, Bigoted, White, Patriarchal, Ingrate, Uncivilized, Backwards, Backwoods, Inbred, Brain-Dead, Christian, Racist, Nazi, Fascist, Klansman, Closet Homosexual, Mixed-Raced, Pedophiles with no Concept of Reality.  Don't some of those things Contradict, and aren't the rest Blatantly False or Irrelevant?  Logic and Empirical Sciences be Damned!  They have Emotions on Their Side!

Good Grief, Charley Brown! Stop kicking that football!

Now, I've Covered some of Their Perversions before, as well as Their Methods and Ends of Manipulation, so I'd like to Address something in Particular that keeps coming up in the Freakshow that is The Internet.

Awhile ago, I had the Displeasure of stumbling across some Blog by a Transvestite saying that it was O.K. to Engage in such Perversion because there's a Reference in The Bible to "father's skirt"; in Reality, of course, the Word Translated to "Skirt" actually Bears the Meaning of "Covering".  The Verse, furthermore, was Condemning the Removal of it; that is to say, to see your Father in his Nude.

Then, there's always someone bringing up Kilts; however, these were Originally just Male Robes (Differentiating in both Form, Pattern and Colouring from a Female's Dress) which one even Wore Pants beneath.

Additionally, apart from that being far more Modest than the ways They are Encouraging Men to Dress (Notice the Meaning of said Words is "to Clothe", rather than to Wear a Dress; Referring, for the latter, to an Article of Female Clothing), Modern Kilts were rather Unpopular with Scottish Males in many Periods of History.

It was actually Women, Influenced by Magazines Produced for Females in England, which Revived it; during The Victorian Era.  This later Manifestation of the Kilt has since become a Stereotype, and a Staple of a Misguided Form of Nationalism.

There are many other such Examples, such as Jewish Media Effeminizing or even Blatantly Homosexualizing History, perhaps Citing some Historical Notion about an Individual, Ethnicity or Culture thereof yet Neglecting an Older one that Contradicts it, or it having been a Case of Political Sabotage, such as the Unfounded Accounts by Aristotle of Celtics and Homosexuality, which are Skewed by these Deviants.

They will Irrationally Argue that Social Perceptions do not matter; yet these Hypocrites either do not Realize or Implicitly or even Overtly Deny that They are Mocking Our History, in Attempt to Deceive Us into Accepting Their Deviancy.

This Dis-Contextualization should not come as a Surprise, however, as Deviants Themselves are Divorced from the Context of Our Cultures; just as The Lesser Genera (such as Jewry; those Master Deceivers - so Devoid of Honour!) are Inherently Alien to Our Kind!

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