Monday, January 21, 2013

Retrolution: Eugenic Vs. Dysgenic Back-Breeding

 In Light of Recent News, this Blog has come Full-Circle; I return to the Subject of Non-Linear Micro-Evolution and Intelligent Design.  Today, however, I only wish to Address the former of those Matters; this will Summarize the Modern Compositions, rather than Addressing the Developments through now-Extinct Species in each Genera, and offer Brief Commentary on the Subject in General for today's Consideration.

Contrary to Artistic Depictions that are Frequently Mistaken for Scientific Facts, Whites are 1-4% Homo-Sapiens-Neanderthalensis (a.k.a. Neanderthals) and 96-99% Cro-Magnon.

Mongoloids are 1-4% Neanderthal, 6-10% Denisovian and 86-93% Homo-Erectus; unless Altered through Admixture (such as Ainu, Uighurs, Mongoloid Turks, and Austronesians not therein Listed).

Inuit and other Amerimongoloids have a Common Origin with the aforesaid Mongoloids, but since have Developed a Different Composition; through Different Patterns of Admixture and/or Incest.

Negroids seem to Range from Homo-Habilis to more-or-less Homo-Ergastor (a Less-Advanced Cousin of Homo-Erectus); They're probably more Related to Ramapithecus Lufengensis and Australopithecus Afarensis than Humanoids - if They don't fall into said Categories Themselves!

Arabs (Including Jews), Dravidians and Austronesians (Including Mestizoids, and some Ainu and Turks) are all Mamzers; which is actually a Literal Meaning of Arabic (Arab i.e. Mingle + ic i.e. Descended - Proving that They are NOT Biblical Semites); and thus can have a Wide Range of Compositions.

Jews and other Arabs are only 1-10% Semitic; but Incest has Selected 30-40% Neanderthal Genetics from a Combination of the aforesaid, Japhetites (the other Branch of The Adamic Race), and Mongoloids a.k.a. Cinites.

Now, Bearing the aforesaid in Mind, Consider this:  

Thus, if this is actually a Neanderthal and not just a Hybrid with a Phenotypical Resemblance, though it would still have Genotypical Differences, in that latter Case, this would just Create a Primitive White; what should be Sought, Instead, is to Infuse more Cro-Magnon D.N.A. into Modern White Populations.

What Overlap there is between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon, from the High End of one and the Low End of the other, with Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens i.e. Modern Man Comprising a Range between the Averages of both of the aforesaid Species of Our Genera, on Average, is a Result of the Common Racial Origins of said Whites - but We should Strive for all of Our Kind to Surpass Cro-Magnon!

Also, apart from Intelligence, not to mention that there's no way of Knowing how this will Affect Our Immune System, We have Sculpted Ourselves for Supreme Beauty over hundreds of thousands of years; though surely still Superior to Them - this would Reverse that!

Why Establish a of Composition of 50.5-52% Neanderthal, when We could Instead Reduce Neanderthal Influence to a Faction of a Percent?!  The "Progressives" are always looking for new Means to Regress Us to a Primitive State - Aiding in Destroying Us!  What They Fear, however, is a Regression from Their Progress!  This is yet another Example of how it is not only Our Race which We must Perverse - but Quality therein!

This surely is not Jew Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov's Agenda, not even close, being as that was Bestiality, nor the similar Ideology of Jew Ilya Ehrenberg, one of Mass Miscegenous Rape by Their Quasi-Simian Ilk, nor the similar one of Mongoloid Jew Magnus Hirschfeld of Pro-Miscegenation Indoctrination, known as "Anti-Racism", but this is still Inadvisable!  Yes, even Neanderthals are Superior to Them - but why Settle for Less than what We should be?!  We should be Embracing Eugenics - not Dysgenics!    

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