Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts on Sandy Hook

First, it was said Ryan Lanza was the Murderer.  Then, it was said that the Wrong Facebook Profile had been Released; as both were Ryan Lanza and both Lived in the same Town; as Determined by the Murderer's I.D.  Then, it was Reported that the Brother of the one whose Facebook Profile was Released, was the Murderer yet was Arrested with Ryan's I.D.; at which point Reports of a second, Unrelated, Ryan Lanza would Cease.

So, Ryan Lanza (whose Real Name is Adam) was Arrested with the I.D. of his Unrelated Brother, also Named Ryan Lanza, whom he both did and did not Live in the same Home as, and both was and was not the same Age as, after Murdering his Average-Suburban Mother and Paranoid Doomsday Prepper, both at Home and at a School she both did and did not Work at; having both been Retired therefrom and never Employed thereby?

Also, there both was and was not a Camo-Clad Second Shooter, and Ryan and/or Adam, who's simultaneously both one and two People, both Related and Unrelated to each other, both was Arrested and Committed Suicide before he could be.

 Furthermore, he Stole a Car that was both his Mother's and a Convicted Drug Dealer's whom had no Association with the simultaneously one and two Families of the simultaneously one and two people, and no known Association with the Second Shooter whom both does and does not Exist.

It should also be Noted that this Calamity was so Severe as for a Fire Station all the way in Detroit to have lent one of its Engines; which Explains why it took half an hour to show up, right?  For some reason, though, only one Ambulance showed up and no one bothered to put its lights on...

I wonder if anyone got Chris Pallies' Autograph, or if he was too Committed to being both a Traffic Cop and a Coroner to Sign any.  Speaking of Media Icons: If you see Christopher Nolan or Gary Oldman, ask them why Sandy Hook is on the Mainland of a Map that is Supposedly of a Fictional World, the star City of which is an Allegory for Manhattan Island.

How about how, instead of being hurried off to a Safe Location, such as being sent Home, six Children just happened to end up in Gene Rosen's Driveway?  It may have something to do with how he was Videoed Rehearsing it beforehand, and why a Spanish-Language Network in Mexico would have Interviewed him (in Spanish).

The only Question is how much of the Alphabet was Complicit; F.B.I., C.I.A., N.S.A., D.O.D., D.O.J., D.H.S, A.T.F., C.S.S., C.O.P.S., M.O.S.S.A.D. - it's a long list of Acronyms!



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  1. Just amazing Line of officially published facts- talks for itself.