Saturday, January 5, 2013

On Syria, America and Orwell

Some of the News that you haven't heard, because Jewish Media has Distracted you by Reviving Tabloids on Crack-Head Whitney Houston:

 Assad is Winning; the F.S.A. is too busy Raping and Murdering Civilians, leaving it up to M.O.S.S.A.D, Turks and American Intervention.

 Since the F.S.A. said it Plans on turning on America once Assad is Dead, which is of course what Obama's Handlers had in Mind way back when They were Bush's Handlers and he Announced his Agenda to Invade into Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Iran and Somalia, which "Anti-War" Obama has done/is doing, these Wannabe Revolutionaries will just skip ahead and do it beforehand.  This will actually help Assad.  America knows this (or rather, its Masters do); the longer America stays at War, the Better for Their Keynesian Industries.

Furthermore, the likes of "The Patriot Act" and "The National Defence Authorization Act" will be Employed on a broadening Scope on The Homeland.  We will be told that "Loose Lips Sink Ships" and that We should "Be Patriotic To The Core"!  We will also be called "Racists", "Radicals", "Bigots", "Hate-Mongers", "War Mongers", "Wing-Nuts", "Ideologues" and "Domestic Extremists".

They're counting on Forcing Syria into Cooperation with Iran, because Iran's been on Their Agenda since Kermit "Roosevelt" (Rosenfeld) II Overthrew Mossadegh.

 We will see a Continuance of both False Flags and Controlled Opposition.  We will see an Increased Merger of Progressivism, Libertarianism and Neo-Conservativism.  We will see more Anarcho-Communism, and We will see more Kosher Nationalism.

With the Trillion Dollar Debt-Coins that Soetoro wants, Following Mugabe's Bad Example, The Amero will be Coerced upon Us as a "Necessity"; then, so will be The North American Union.  Perhaps that will be part of The Basket of Currencies which China wants.  Then, Orwell's Oceania is next on The Agenda; in Addition to a Second "Israel" in Argentina - a Long-Standing Jewish Agenda!

 The Soviet Union was Eurasia, to Orwell, but now it could very well be Alexander Dugin's Eurasian Empire - a Neo-Soviet Debacle that Kosher Nationalists get giddy feelings about!  The same which would bring that about would bring about Eastasia; Putin's Ties to China and Japan, for Instance, as well as his with The Arabic World.  This is why I Consider him to be Controlled Opposition - apart from his K.G.B. Status!

After all, Orwell's "Humanism" means he too was Controlled Opposition; though it was certainly better for him to Fight for Franco than for Communism, when his Countrymen were being sent to do the latter - but he too was Stained with the Jewishness of Socialism!

Things will be even Worse than Orwell thought, however  given the Arabization of White Countries, Zionism and the likes of the Obama-Backed Agenda of Sovereign Chinese Cities in America!  Also, China (again, with Putin's Aid) is Increasingly Vested in Africa - and so is its Triad!

The American-Backed Muslim Brotherhood is even Allied with Mexican Drug Cartels and La Raza; Anti-White Mestizoid Terrorists - which has Received years of Backing by both Felipe Calderon and Barrack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro!  You can be sure Enrique Peña Nieto also Endorses Them!

They're stretching Themselves too thin; however, They have a Contingency Plan for this - Agenda 21!  

Now, since the Intellectuals amongst Our Enemies have Learnt to Think in Terms of Generations, rather than the months or years which The Masses can't typically Think beyond, at least not in the Effective Fashion of Their Masters, much less Rationally, here's for the Long Term:

Judeo-Christianity and Chrislam will continue to grow more; both in the Sense of growing more Jewish and Islamic, and in Numeric Terms of Devotees.  Jews and Muslims Work together Frequently; as They did in Iberia, Byzantium, The Great Crusades and so many other Infamous Examples; and They are Brainwashing Faux-Christians into Unwittingly Worshiping Sama'el, Lilith, Azaz'el, Ba'al, Moloch, Trudd and the likes, in all new ways.

Jewslam, by any Name, could potentially became The Globalist Religion; with, like how Communism is Secular Judaism, Political Manifestations even in Regimes that are Ostensibly Opposed to it.

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