Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cascadia: Cascade of Hypocrisy

The Cascadian Independence Movement is Afraid of Post-Peak Oil, Global Warming and "Social Issues".  Now, let's Dissect that through the Liberal B.S.:

There are Hundreds of Years of Oil in each of many Reserves in many States, not to Mention those of Other Countries that often would have even Less Technology than They do if not for Foreign Aid, so The First World has Thousands of Years before this is even an Issue; at that Point, it still has Coal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Waste-to-Fuel Conversion, Recycling-to-Fuel Conversion, Bio-Fuels, Wind and Solar Power.

Climate Change is actually in Both Directions, it Frequently does one thing in one Region and another somewhere else, there's no Demonstrable Impact of C.F.C.s, only 5% of CO2 Output is Man-Made, and it is nowhere near as Extreme as it is Typically Portrayed as being.

Those "Social Issues" are Perceived from an Historically-Inaccurate, Pseudo-Scientific, Left-Wing View, as well, so it's a Worthless Venture in and of itself; it's Uses will be in the Ironic Act of Removing Electoral Votes from Liberals in America and Canada, Creating a Predominantly-White Country that will become a Jerusalem for White Flight, and Providing an Opportunity to Balkanize America using J.F.K.s Address to The Soviet Union about Diversity of Belief as a Rhetorical Guide.  

It'll be Easier to Achieve The Northwest Imperative, if the Liberals already there have Congregated in a Portion or North of it; the Remainder will be Ripe for the Taking.  Also, the more that Flee to there from other Regions, the Sooner these Areas will either Collapse to the Negros, Mestizos, Chinese, Indians and/or whatever other Mongrels are the Inundating Forces there, Provoking a "National Guard" Action or (other) Militarized Police, or being Reclaimed by Us because the Liberals are no longer there to Indoctrinate Us or Otherwise-Enable Them.

It is for this Reason that I would Prefer for People to actually Hold The Fort, rather than Fleeing to other Realms.  Unfortunately, no one is doing so.  I Fear, however, that the same will simply Occur up there; after White Flight, there is always Non-White Follow.  So, something must Occur to Reduce the Number of People in Our Movement it will Require to Fulfill this Mission; to Maximize those who are Invigorated to Act as Vigilantes and Networks of Autonomous Cells in other Regions.

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