Sunday, August 9, 2015

Islamic State of Irrelevance

"Islamic State" is no Threat to America, unless America Allows it to be one; it is an Asset of M.O.S.S.A.D, Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah, Millî İstihbarat Teşkilatı, The C.I.A., MI6, and other N.A.T.O., E.U. or Allied Forces.

While there was a Recent Bust in Macedonia, where the Turks and Race-Traitor Albanians (though the Predominance of Alledged Albanians are actually Turkish) have Congregated in its West, the Presence of such Forces is only Possible because N.A.T.O. will Destroy any Country that doesn't Accept these Monstrosities as "Joys of Diversity" and "Cultural Enrichment".

After all, "I.S.I.S." and "I.S.I.L." popped up once the Multi-National "Free Syrian Army" became Infamous for Killing Christians and Distributing Fake Photos (albeit the latter's also done by Assad's Supporters; I have seen a Finnish Soldieress being Mislabeled as from his "Glorious Syrian Arab Army", to Create Racial Confusion and Generate Sympathy); the Main Purpose of the latter (as this Side-Project of Killing Christians was to Create "Refugees" to Import to White Countries and to Falsely Blame on Assad) is now being Fulfilled by "Islamic State", as Assad quickly (Ostensibly) Proposed (Read: Accepted) an Exchange of Oil for American Support Against "Islamic State".  In The Real World, that's called Extortion.

What a Way to Force Russia's Hand!  Insane, but Brilliant!  Now, it'll have to go in to Retrieve the Ballistic Missiles that it Sold to Assad to Fight "F.S.A.", N.A.T.O. and "Israel".  It seems America is not Content to merely Create Enemies; it also Forces its Enemies to do the same.

Think about it: If "Islamic State" had a Genuine Grievance with "Israel", an Organization of that Size could Easily have Destroyed its Oil Pipeline.  Instead, it's been Focused on Destroying Ancient Assyrian Sites, Mass Raping Yazidis for Incorporating Zoroastrian Elements, and Attacking Iranic for being the only ones other than Chinese to be Fighting Islamic State; the Uyghur were Recruited by Islamic State, shortly after I Suggested that Iranic should Form a Counter I.S. and Negotiate Uyghur Status with a Oil-Based Chinese Ally.

I'm not Claiming that I was in any way Responsible for the aforesaid, nor that Jewry got its Idea to Colonize Ghost Cities in China from my Plan sometime before that to Purpose these as Training Facilities for a Reclamation of Tocharia; just that They Think Outside The Box that They have Confined The Masses' Minds to, and so do I.

The Purpose of this War For Oil (which Liberals, you may have Noticed, have not been calling it since Obama became Evident as a Pro-War Puppet-Leader) is to Secure Oil for The E.U.; when WWIII Begins, and it is Inevitable (because the Jewish-Dominated, American-Backed, E.U.-Member, Chinese-Allied, Black-Importing, Neo-Liberal Regime that has Usurped Ukraine has Ensured it, with the Assistance of the Nominally-National Socialist/Fascist yet Chechen-Supporting, Anti-Russian, Unionist "Right Sector"), Russia can Sever 80% of its Oil Supply (Including 100% to Belarus).

It has already Severed 80% of Ukraine's Oil Supply, in Response to 80% of Crimea's Water Supply being Severed by the new Jewish Regime.  Jewry says this is over a $145,000+ Water Debt; Russia can Call In a 5.6 Billion Dollar Oil Debt it was Tolerating with the Ally it had in the Former, Democratically-Elected Government in Ukraine.

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