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Lost Israelite Migrations

The Proto-Semitic D.N.A. [as Contrasted with the Ishmael-Edomite/Pseudo-Semitic i.e. Jewish and otherwise Arabic D.N.A. (Including Iranic, Indic, Moorish that are not just Negroid, Central Asian Populaces that are not Mongoloids or those Europeans who Recolonized after the Scythians were Genocided by Foreign Races, and Populations of that Mongrel Descent that may not Admit to it across the World)] is in all Extant Europeans, but it was Most-Directly and thus in Greatest Percentages Infused into Non-Slavic Europeans; it would also have Greatest Association with Northern Europeans.  More In-Depth:

Slavs are Genetically European.  There are many "Slav"-Professing Populations that are one Form of Turkish or another, Ranging from Small Minorities to Large Majorities of certain Countries, but that's the same with Moorish and Turkish Populations having Bastardized a Considerable Portion of Hellenic, Latin and Hispanic Peoples; it doesn't mean the Surviving Populations are any less European, because there are Impostors.

The "Latin" and "Hispanic" Names are often Applied to Mestizos, Hernizos and Castizos, but it doesn't Change History.

Genetic Testing across Europe has Illustrated a Considerable Degree of Cross-Breeding between European Nations, and even The N.S.D.A.P. said that virtually no one was Solely of either Nordic, Alpine or Mediterranean Ancestry; rather two or all three of those, but often Predominantly of one.  Some have the Appearance of one Sub-Group and the Behavior of another, too.

Mediterraneans were already Noted to be Virtually Extinct; most Pure Whites in that Region are Better-Identified as Atlantic (Nord-Med Cross), Nordid Atlantic (Predominantly-Nord Atlantic), Dinar (of the Non-Armenoid Form i.e. Alpine-Med Cross), Dinaro-Nord, Noric (Predominantly-Nord Dinaro-Nord), Alpinid, Nordid Alpinid, or Nordish, or some Cross thereof, rather than Mediterraneanish.

Part of Jewry calls itself "Ashkenazi" because it Invaded Germanic Realms in 990-994 A.D.; since Ashkenaz was a Son of Gomer, and Gomer was a Son of Japheth, if Ashkenaz was the Germanic Patriarch, the Germanics would be Japhetites.

The "Sephardi" Jews have some Inexplicable Notion that Biblical Sepharad was in Spain, and likewise have the Irrational Belief that Invading The Iberian Peninsula (not to be Confused with "Iberia" as another Name for Georgia, as Georgians are Genetically Equidistant between Europeans and Middle-Eastern Arabs) gives Them some "Right" to this Name.  

Proto-Semites, whether Judahite, Northern Israelite or Elamite, would have been a Smaller Company of Nations than those of The People of The Northlands (all Europeans in Europe, in this Context).  By The Time of Christ, there were about 1,000 of His Israelites under that Name and perhaps even Several Hundred Thousand Elamites.

Thing is, many European Nations had Migrated through these Regions already; the Semites weren't as Isolated from the other Adamites as it may at first Appear.  Of course, those were Largely Western Europeans.  Northern Europeans were also in Greater Percentages in Southern Europe than today.

There is Genetic Evidence of Numerous European Populations having Returned from other Realms to that Continent, and Changing the Genomic Structure of Our People.  The Most Significant Example was some 4,500 Years, as per a Study from several Years ago.

That seems to Corroborate what is said in Genesis about Expanding Japheth and it Ruling with a Rod of Iron, as Heirs of Sem; the two Merged.

A Significant Portion of/Most Germanics have Genotypes within the R1a or R1b Haplogroups, rather than The Hallstatt Type (I1) or the also-Austrian K1.

I2a is what the Majority of Slavish Peoples are Comprised of; smaller Percentages have a Genotype within R1a or R1b, and then there are the Hellenic or Latin Influences in some Populations.

I take it, from the Current or Historic Germanic Presences in Slavic-Predominated Realms, this means the Slavic Peoples were More Isolated from other Europeans but then were Bred with.  Indeed, they had Cultural Affinity with the Prehistoric Scythians but were later Fought by the Returning Scythians.

To be Fair, however, those Scythians Fought Everyone; one Catholic Church Record says that they were at first The Most Ruthless Pagans, but later Converted and were The Most Fervent Christians.

Still, the Latest of these - the Alani (the ones that weren't Bastardized in The Middle East) - seem to have Clustered in Southern Europe, France, Central Europe and Central Asia; one could Note that they didn't go into The Gaelic Isles or Scandinavia, which would have been Ethnically and Culturally Similar to much of where they did Settle, but of course there are Various Military Factors, Marital Arraignments and Bribes that must be Taken Into Consideration.

Ironically, one could Note that Central Asia was already Long Teeming With Mongrels; it Appears that these Resisted Bastardization into The 12th Century, when a Catholic Missionary would be Shocked to Discover a Nation of White People in "Caucasian Albania" [not to be Confused with Albania in Europe, though the Predominance of so-called "Albanians" are actually (Often-Obvious) Turkish].  Unfortunately, these are all Long Since Bastardized by the Azerbaijani.  

Most Forms of K, since I Mentioned it, are Bastardized; it is Common in The Modern Levant and amongst Central Asian Turkish Populations, but Rare in Europe; the Discovery of Ötzi The Iceman (who Proved that The Bronze Age actually Originated about 1,000 Years Earlier than Previously Believed, and that Acupuncture is of European Origin) is what Proved it was of European Origin.  He has 19 Known Living Relatives, all in Tyrol, Austria.

Perhaps that Indicates that K1 was Common amongst Proto-Semites, but the other Genotypes were Present in the Predominance of those to Survive by Breeding amongst other Europeans.

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