Sunday, August 9, 2015

On Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Donald Trump

Now, my Hatred for Libertarianism is Comparable to my Hatred of Communism but let's look Realistically at this Corpora-Bolshevik Regime called America: Why doesn't anyone like Ron Paul?

War?  America did everything The Masses had Wanted it to and then some, all at once Cleaning up its Prior Messes from Black Operations and Creating New Problems because it wouldn't Handle this like a Racial War. Obama Campaigned on being Anti-War, but he Set The Stage For Invading Russia. Ron Paul IS Anti-War.  But America has to Fix its Problems, right?  What a Stellar Job it's done thus far!

America can only Fix The Regime it Helped Install in West Ukraine by Assassinating Jewish Leaders, Backing Russia or - At The Very Least - Staying Out of Regionally-Foreign Affairs; so that Russia can Reestablish its own Hegemony over an Historically-Russian Land or (again, At The Very Least) Establish an Anti-N.A.T.O. Ally.

Homosexuality?  Neo-Cons Promote Homosexuality even more Rabidly than he does, now, which is what I said would Happen back in 2011 when everyone was telling me to take off my Tinfoil.

Abortion?  Like with Homosexuality, he won't Endorse either a Federal Ban or a Federal Protection of it; he has said that if any Legislation is Passed, it should be on the State Level.  That means that Conservative States can Ban these things, whereas Liberal States will Allow it.

Now, let's Consider that he has Endorsed Secession as the 10th Amendment Right it is; an Aspect, itself, of The 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Association (which Entails Freedom of Disassociation).

Furthermore, his Economic Policies are more Conservative than anything Offered by any Neo-Con.

He also Advocates Border Security, though it is Important to Note that this so-called "Gentilized" Libertarianism was once Promoted by Andrew Nepolitano; he now Advocates Open Borders, as a Central Tenant of Libertarianism.

Ideal?  Far from it, Especially as he has now Renounced "Racism" as "an ugly form of Collectivism", but States' Rights will Enable Us to Change The System in Ways that are Currently Impossible; if he is Legitimately More Honest than the Jews that Created and have Long been the Idols of Libertarianism, though this Shift that Occurred because of a Misattributed Quote about Negros does Cast Doubt upon this, he will not Invade a Seceded Racialist State.

At The Very Least, it'll be a Major Upset for America to have another War of Northern Aggression; if Russia is Willing to Back Us, and Paul's Mild Anti-Zionism will Strain his Loyalty to Jewry if this Fratricide does Occur, Our Independence will be Secured and We could even Reconquer the Remainder of The U.S.A.  

Contrast that with "Tea Party" Favourite Rand Paul; Ron's Son: Rand Paul has Openly Advocated Decriminalizing all Crimes for which Blacks are Disproportionately Arrested.  That, of course, Includes Rape and Murder.  He also Flip-Flops on many other Positions.

Of course, this Affiliation does Beg The Question of if Ron could likewise Decline.  However, there's a Counter-Point: Whereas Marine Le Pen is Increasingly Jew-Friendly, her Father has Renounced her for this and been Arrested for Holocaust Denial.

But who is the Alternative in America for Ron Paul?  Donald Trump?  His First V.P. Choice was Oprah Winfrey; that's the same Oprah that Openly Advocated Murdering Old White People to "End Racism".  He said it was Taken Out of Context; that it was a Joke.  He Approached her for a V.P. Ticket in 1999, though she Declined it then.  Now, his V.P. Choice is another Negress; this one an Alledged "Conservative" Actress, that Posed Nearly-Naked with its Breasts Exposed.

Furthermore, his Son and Daughter both have Jewish Spouses; he Praised his Jewish Family, at a Zionist Conference, and he Endorses Netanyahu.  To say he doesn't "have time for Political Correctness" is to Fail to Comprehend what this Euphemism is even about.  His Popularity is Predicated upon his Advocacy for Border Security, yet he Employs Illegal Immigrants.

And yet, "Donald Trump Will Destroy The Republican Party"?  I Hope so, I Truly do; I Hope you are Ruined not for one Election or even one Generation, but Permanently.  Lindsey Graham is Endorsing Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump and Jeb Bush has Met with Rupert Murdoch and Valerie Jarrett; when Coupled with the so-called "Attack" by Fox "News", I get the Impression that They Want Trump.  Someone Lacking "Bush Baggage" and Ostensibly Populist who is not Ron Paul can at once be Their Boy and make it Acceptable for Them to Admit that the Differences are Nominal; doing so on the False Pretense that Opposing him is Substantial and all that Matters.

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  1. Update: Ron's done what was Inevitable, and Praised the Illicit Court Ruling that is Fallaciously being Declared a "Justification" for Homosexuals Profaning Marriage. No one is Calling Out this Cultural Marxist that Offers a Bribe of Otherwise-Conservative Economic Policy on this Hypocrisy, of course, because he is Ron Paul; his Detractors are either Rabidly Cheering that he is Aligned with Them on this, just as or even more Liberal but Pretending to be more Conservative and thus Unable to Criticize him without Exposing Their Own Policies, or are far too Fringe for much of anyone to Listen.

    Given a Choice between him and Jeb Bush, however, who do you really Hate more?