Monday, August 10, 2015

On Russia and The War of Northern Aggression

It has always seemed to me that The Confederacy and Russia should have been Natural Allies, for Russia was Supposedly an Aristocracy and The Union would Decry The South as "too Aristocratic", both had Problems with Foreign Races (while The South had a Negroid Majority, a Sizable Portion of The Russian Empire then Consisted of Rebellious Turkish Hordes), both were Industrializing whilst still Agriculture-Based Economies, and both were Outcasts to World Powers; only to be Used for Temporary Purposes so Subject to Ego.  

Strangely, it was Russia that Threatened to Enter this Fratricidal War on Behalf of The Union if England and France were to Enter on Behalf of The Confederacy. 

The Remainder of European Powers (whether in Europe or Realms that were European-Lead but Comprised Mainly of Mongrels, such as Brazil and Mexico were at the time) were either Playing Both Sides or Neutral, whether for Ideological, Financial or Military Concerns.  

Now, I have my Opinion on why Catholic Powers took the Neutral Stances that they did, and the Protestants had Essentially Invented an 11th Commandment for The Acquisition of Wealth; while Grounded in Christianity - as can Exist only with European Racial Consciousness - this could Finance all Endevours that by Necessity are to be Undertaken, as well as all Luxuries that can be Afforded within such a Framework, the Jews the Protestants had Largely become Servile to Promoted instead that one could Tell which had been Selected for Salvation by Wealth.  But why did The Only Significant Orthodox Power take this Position?  

Russia's Position did nothing to Liberate Southeastern Europe from Turkish Occupation, and it only Further Drove The Wedge Between European Powers; thereby Preventing the very Cooperation that would have Ensured Far Earlier that Liberation?  

It was his Liberalism that was At Fault; his Self-Perceived Enlightenment was Blinding him to these Realities. Everything Good that any Liberal can be Credited for is something not itself Liberal; it is simply Correcting a Situation that was Caused by things - in turn - Liberal.  

That is, at least, in the Sense of it as being Overly Generous; that is, that it Assumed Powers not Historically Accepted as Belonging to the Force in Question and in doing so Jeopardized any Natural Balance there Elsewise could be.  

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