Thursday, December 22, 2011

Considerations for Future Civilizations

 First, We need to compile everything which in it's Origin is Uniquely Aryan; this means not only having been created by Whites but having been without Non-White Influence to any extent.  From this, I would to examine the Merits and derive a list of the most Aryan Qualities of all Innately Aryan Inventions. 

Then, I'd like to look at what was created by Whites, but which is either of Unknown or (even in part) Non-White Inspiration; such as Musical Genres, Literature Styles, Martial Arts and Devices.  We would not bother with any Hybrid Ideologies - given the obvious Inherent Fallacies of such a move!  I would like to separate, then, those Categories for the latter into two more; that which does not undermine The Aryan Ethos and that which does.  We would immediately discard, of course, the latter.  Given what Volumes We know of History, We can safely assume that which is of any Non-White Influence though does not undermine The Aryan Ethos is either a result of an Origin in a Doctrine Created by one of the numerous Lost White Civilizations and/or later White Influence.  Given a choice between the former of those latter two and something which is Inherently White, however, We would of course choose the latter. 

Also, there comes applying Eugenics to Our Own Kind.  Racial Purity, true Racial Purity, is an Imperative.  We must, additionally, Educate Our Kind in Our Cultures.  Furthermore, We must preserve the Nordic Sub-Group.  The Norics and Dinarichs, like the Nordid Atlantids and Atlantics, should Breed either with each other (if this step is necessary to facilitate it) or with Mediterraneans; ultimately having those four Sub-Groups Breed back into the Mediterranean Sub-Group.  Nordid Alpinids should breed back into Alpines.  That's how they all started; it's what they should return to being. 

This begs the question of what Alpines even are: Are they the result of mixing between Nordics and Mediterraneans, or a separate Evolutionary Line from the same Ancestor Breed as that of either Mediterraneans, an as-of-yet undiscovered Common Ancestor with Nordics, or an as-of-yet undiscovered Common Ancestor of the Ancestors of both Nordics and Mediterraneans - which then would have either Bred with one or both of the aforesaid Ancestor Breeds, Birthed another as-of-yet undiscovered Ancestor Breed for Alpines, or both - or a combination thereof.

Caucasoids, opposed to true Caucasians, should cast Their Seed amongst either the Mongoloids or Negroids; whichever Non-Whites are most similar to said Hybrids.  Esau-Edomites, Dravidians and Hybrids thereof should plunge into either the other Negroid or other Mongoloid Genepools.  This goes, as well, for any and all forms of Inuit, Amerindians, Mestizoids, Pacific Islanders and Hybrids thereof.  Mongoloids, in addition, are Hybrids in Origin; all Negroids, furthermore, also have at least one other Breed in Them. 

The White Race, and only The White Race, as Genetic Testing Proves beyond even a Shadow of a Doubt, has had this substantial a Genetic Imperative and thus Innate Common Sense to remain a Pure Race! 

Of course, to retain this, apart from the aforesaid, We will have to Abolish The Usury System!  We must, also, in addition to a return to Tribalism, Embrace a combination of an Agrarian and Hunter-Gatherer System.  Each Man, Woman and Child must be Farmer, Hunter, Gatherer, Soldier, Scientist, Philosopher, Historian and Field Medic all in one!  However, whilst We must Train in all of these things, We must Specialize in accordance with Our Innate Talents!  Therefore, We must remember how each is interconnected; regarding both how one can improve the other in Academic Nature and in their Natural Role in Creating and Maintaining Civilization!  As for Industrialism: Whilst it is not in error to have Technological Advancements, these should in no way, shape or form be put before Racial Purity or Tradition!  The Multi-Cult has already proven my point countless times over.  I suggest, in addition to being a Meritocracy, establishing a Minarchy a.k.a. Night Watchman State along Monarchistic lines!  Our Economic System would be a Nationalist version of Anarcho-Capitalism.  For more information on this Civilization Structure, and on my Genetic Research, see my articles labeled "Non-Linear Micro-Evolution and Intelligent Design" and "Planning Ahead". 

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