Friday, December 2, 2011

"Hell hath laid its egg and here it hatched!"

 The Occupation Senate has approved a Bill which declares it "Legal" for the Military to commit both Sodomy and Bestiality!  Additionally, Congress has declared it "Legal" for the President to order Assassinations of American Citizens - even within American Borders!  Even after Anwar Al-Awlaki turned out to be a Law-Abiding Catholic, opposed to a Muslim Terrorist, the Occupation Congress approved the McCain-Levin Bill - declaring it "Legal" for the President to use Predator Drones over U.S. Borders!  They claim that Obama already had that "Right" - this is meant to appeal to the "Compromise" and "National Security"-obsessed "Neo-Conservatives"!  What this does is even further Compromise America's Security!  In the words of Louis Beam: "You no longer have a Constitution in this land!"  You no longer have even a Semblance of Sanity in this Land!  Think about it: Having missing fingers, having Guns, having waterproofed Ammunition, and even having more than 7 days of Food makes you a "Suspected Terrorist"; now - "Legally allowed to be detained indefinitely without trail"!  None of Our Rights are being Acknowledged or Respected!  Your Rights mean nothing to Them!  They gave you one Trail; They asked "Are you White?" - and They found you Guilty of that so-called Sin!  It doesn't matter to Them whether or not you desire to preserve The Aryan Ethos - They want you Dead or Enslaved!  They are flooding Our Lands with all sorts of Creatures that are sheer and utterly Beyond Perverse!  They are Blaspheming from Their Sinners' Pulpits that "Amalgamation Is God's Will"!  They are "Amalgamating" Our Cultures with The Foreign Perversions!  They are "Amalgamating" Our Race with The Foreign Races!  They despise Us because We are the Civilization Builders and those whom can properly Maintain Civilization!  They claim to be Superior - They are only Superior in being Derisory! 

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