Saturday, December 10, 2011

Irony and Hope

  Ironically, the development of Polygamy to counter Socialism, White Slavery and the "Mail Order Brides" that (when not actually White Slaves) originated as a way to "escape Socialism" (it actually took them to a less Socialist Regime - though now "America" is MORE Socialist!) may very well result in White Families gaining back the Lands which were Stolen from their Ancestors by Khazars and Mongols!  Then, Polygamy will decline, as will "Mail Order Brides" - thus narrowing down the field for finding which ones are really White Slaves! 
As the number of childless couples grows in Russia, parents are being offered an incentive to defy the Soviet stigma surrounding larger families. 

Russia has captured a few Khazars that were involved in The White Slave Trade!  Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to capture that - as "Israel" harbors Them!  They're not going to let Whites stop Their Fellow Khazars from Enslaving Us Gentile "Goyim".

Someone has the right idea:

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