Thursday, December 8, 2011

Planning Ahead

  We need to start a shell-company just to buy up large tracks of Fertile, middle-of-nowhere land. Everyone would invest equally and would then set up shop with the basics of any good Civilization - a smorgasbord of Agrarianism, Animal Husbandry, Hunting, Fishing and Gathering - as Our key means of Survival.  We'd have a true Barter Society amongst Ourselves, creating a Usury Free Currency of Gold, Silver, Platinum or a combination thereof if such means become necessary. Additionally, We'd Log, Mine and Drill.  We'd become Self-Sufficient.  We'd have a large, easily-Defensible complex - a Barracks - from which we'd operate.  Verses like "He who does not work, neither shall he eat" and "To every man according to his deed" would be Our Mottos. We'd run it as a Meritocracy.

Of course, We would become targets for The Regime; this is why We would Train in Combat Tactics, using both Modern and Primitive Weapons, in addition to a wide array of Mixed Martial Arts.  We would cut out the unnecessary movements and otherwise refine the different Styles; blending them to new Mixed Martial Arts of Our own.  Each Person, furthermore, would refine it to suit their own Talents.  We would also Train - of course - to Disarm any opponent, as well as to use Their own Force (Strength, Speed, Momentum and Velocity), Tactics and Weapons against Them!  Additionally, We would Train in Field Medicine.  It is a Basic Tactic of Guerrilla Warfare against any of The Occupation Regimes in The First World to take out your Adversary's Medic; They will risk the lives of all to save this one.  Additionally, if They display any System of Rank, it is wise to dispatch the Commanding Officers.  Black Ops do not wear insignia for just this reason.  However, if anyone does, take out the Medic and then take out the Officer trying to save him; if you attempt it the other way around, everyone will scurry to protect the Medic as he operates - thus protecting Their C.O.!  It's Counter-Productive.  What's more, Psychological Warfare would also be an area of Study; both how to Endure it and how to Execute it!

It would be further beneficial for Us to also do some False-Flag Ops of Our own.  Instead of going to some Pseudo-Nationalists, giving them pointless targets and then busting them, We'd find some Liberal chat room or infiltrate the Occupy Movement; We'd mix in a little Truth with the Liberal Propaganda which They're already indoctrinated with, only naming the Jew when the target audience already has or if it's implied by a large amount of Palistinianism (unfortunately, Palistinianism is how most think Zionism should be Countered - though it's really just two sides of the same Esau-Edomite coin!), thus provoking Them to do Our work for Us!  It wouldn't then be "Racists" that would be Vilified - it'd be Liberals!  Of course, They would try to make Them seem like Us; in the end, however, the "useful idiots" that are "Neo-Conservatives" would Debunk this for Us.  The best part is that even if We got caught, it'd just go to show that We know about False-Flag Operations - some of which They have even admitted to - that provide a Probable Cause for Resistance!  If We are not linked to it, however, it would still further cause Them to tear Themselves apart for Us!  It's a Win-Win Scenario!

Jews used False-Flags to take down Monarchists and Capitalists in The Soviet Union; why shouldn't We do it against Them everywhere? 

 I've toyed with different ideas for years. Unfortunately, whenever I found those who were interested, I found a common problem; either they were Students and thus strapped for cash, had a mortgage and thus the same scenario or had just payed off their home and - again - didn't have the money. Ironically, if We are Successful - that will never be an issue again!  We won't have to worry about "Affirmative Action" or being Rejected or Fired for "Racism".  We won't have to worry about being Socially Ostracized.  Plus, Crime - especially Violent Crime - will plummet.

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