Thursday, December 1, 2011

When The Shit Hits The Fan...

 What We've seen so far is nothing.  Novus Ordo desires to appease The Strange Gods of Zionism are growing and the sad irony is that whilst the Novus Ordo is blurring increasingly with Anglicanism, Protestants continue to direct hatred towards Sedevacantists due to the Heretical claims of the Novus Ordo to being Catholic.  Bishop Williamson, if the rumors are true, is going to bring us out of the caves (to allude to Christianity's past, when we Conspired to overthrow Pagan Regimes to save the Lives of The Faithful - something at which we Succeeded!) and into the forefront of public knowledge!  If so, War between the Zionists, Palistinianists and Identists will be inevitable!  In the end, that is how it wiill all boil down.  Race Wars are likewise inevitable; this will only serve to exacerbate them - and they will only serve to exacerbate this!  After all, it is Their Blood Feud against Us which created Their Paganisms in the first place!  It is Their Blood Feud which divided Our Nations, allowed Them to Invaded Our Lands, Rape, Murder, Brainwash and Enslave Our Kind, and pit Us against Our Brethren!  Loyalism to the Corrupt Leaders all over the world will only exacerbate all of this!  Pagans, refusing to see the Genetic and Historical Facts, as well as the Cultural Merits of Christian Identity, not to mention it's true Dual Seedline nature, will further this Catastrophe that is Fratricide!  God isn't simply going to Save you - you have to Earn His Grace!  You have to Save yourself; His Grace is in being Merciful enough to even allow you to exist - not to mention allowing you the opportunity to Earn Redemption!

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