Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Maiden of Kosovo

What are the chances today of a Woman wandering the Battlefield in search of her Lover and treating the wounded as she did so?  I doubt it would happen at all; more likely, unfortunately, they would claim to mourn from the Safety of an entirely separate Land, Marrying again before the year was over.  It wasn’t always like that, however; in the Glorious days of old, Knights would Court a Lady and when it was time for Battle, their Lover would give them her scarf to wear into Battle as a reminder of what they were Fighting for.  No matter what Convictions they had, those who Fought in order to return to a Lover always Fought the hardest.  Meanwhile, she would await his return each and every night.  There are confirmed stories of Ladies who turned down offers from prominent Nobles of Peerage because decades later, they were still waiting for their Lover to return!  Statistically speaking, this notion would today be deemed absurd.  Historically, however, these Knights and Ladies were deemed Romantics and were Praised for their Devotion!

Just so everyone's clear: Courting was, as it is meant to be, an entirely Celibate affair!  Hollywood would have you believe that Christian Europe is a Myth and that it was really Kikes, Sand Niggers and every other Vile Breed that did everything of Value - but that’s just what you get when the Electronic Jew is allowed to write your “Historical Records”!  If They could, They would burn this Painting and replace it with one Praising Arabs!  They seek to Desecrate any and all aspects of White Christian Culture for the sole reason that They know once Our Cultural Heritage is gone, the existence of Our People as anything other than Slaves will follow!  Everything Our Kind once Fought for is now called "Racist"; this alleged Sin is feared beyond belief - though actual Sin is lauded as "Diversity"!

Kosovo Je Srbija! 

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