Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupation and Inquisition: The Real Victims, and The Cult of Victomhood

 Since The Iron Maiden was created to draw attention to a Torture Museum and other "Torture Devices" turned out to be Medical Instruments used in Amputation or more fakes, how the Hell were "millions of people tortured during The Inquisitions"? Also, why is it "sinful" to kill or even simply Exile those that Invaded your Country, Enslaved your People and then set about Raping and Murdering your People en mass? The Anti-White Propaganda is so provably false that it isn't even comical - it's simply Blasphemous! The number of "God's Chosen People" behind this likewise indicates a deliberately Anti-White Conspiracy. The fact that many of those Khazar Jews, as well as many others, have admitted this should cast aside any of your "Enlightened" (Humanist i.e. Anti-Christian) Myths!

 No one has ever been at War with The White Race that wasn't simultaneously at War with Christianity, and no one has ever been at War with Christianity that wasn't at War with Whites. The problem believed to be Christianity is "Judeo-Christianity"; it is a sub-set of Judaism, much like Islam. Whilst it is true that "Judeo-Christianity", "Chrislam", Judaism, Islam and other manifestations of Alien Mythology basically Preach the same thing, Christianity and it's Hebraic predecessor are Fundamentally Distinct in every way from all of the aforesaid; what is ostensibly the same is in fact thoroughly different, and this becomes more and more apparent through both a combination of reading the plain text in full and by putting it in it's proper context by considering Racial Reality! 

We must shake off the shackles of Foreign Thought, and Embrace what it means to be truly Aryan!

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