Thursday, December 15, 2011

"NDAA" is Martial Law! Welcome to the U.S.S.A.!

 NDAA is the most Constitutionally Offensive and Morally Obscene Mandate that ZOG has ever crammed down Our Throats!  It will be used to Enforce all that is Vile, and the insipid populace will do nothing about it.   I am calling, for those of you who aren't familiar with my Ideology, for Expiation.  This is a Holy War.  We have been subjected to the most Vulgar, the most Heinous forms of Tyranny.  We are living under Bolshevism - only now the Sexual Degeneracy that was always a part of it is more blatant than ever!  "The greatest threat to the survival of The White Race is in Washington D.C. - and They are your Masters"! 

What "NDAA" has "authorized" (as if it isn't entirely Unconstitutional and Immoral!) is disturbingly similar to Bolshevism.  By similar, I mean it is the same damn thing.  They have laid the footwork for America to experience first-hand the sheer and utterly Heinous Atrocities Perpetrated by Soviet Jews against Whites!  The Katyn Massacre, The White Holodomors, The Russian Genocide, The Cossack Genocide, The Gulag Archipelago, The Berlin Mass-Rapes, The Vienna Mass-Rapes, The Polish Mass-Rapes, The Hungarian Mass-Rapes, The Estonian Mass-Rapes, The Check Mass-Rapes, The Slovakian Mass-Rapes - do you see where this is going?!  Yes, there may be some Non-Whites that are Imprisoned, Tortured and Murdered - but you can be damn sure of what the real Agenda is!  It's all about Control - and We are the main Obstacle to that Control!  We always have been - that's why They so thoroughly Despise Us!  History tells the Truth, even if your Text-Book does not.  The Occupation Military was caught - on camera! - arresting (without reason!) American Citizens!  This is Unconstitutional - THEY HAVE *NO* JURISDICTION!  No Trails is going to take place - these Citizens are now "Terrorists"!   Apparently - they SAID the wrong thing!  Free Speech?  In your dreams.  We are living under Martial Law.  This is Bolshevism masquerading as Capitalism.  This is Bolshevism masquerading as Constitutionalism!  This is Bolshevism - end of story! 
Now, let's put it in perspective, shall we?  Bob Mathews warned us.  Look what happened to him.
Gordon Kohl warned us.  Same story. 

The list goes on and on.  Ruby Ridge and Waco are infamous examples. 

McVeigh was right; it isn't even that he acted to soon - the rest of Us just didn't act at all!  Now would be a good time to act.  Let's pick a more important target, however; let's pick "The Federal Reserve" - it's neither Federal nor a Reserve!  What it is, however, is a Shadow Government!  It's entirely Illegal and yes, entirely Immoral!  These Alchemists think They are God, and Usury is Their Religion!  Centralized Banks are The Temples of Usury.  Make yourself a whip and drive The Moneychangers from The Temples!  These are Satanic Ideologies, and They are Satanic Breeds that begot them!  They have no Soul to Save, so do not waste your time.  Purge Them now - or more Innocents will suffer! 

Louis Beam was right; the single greatest threat to Our Survival is Ourselves - WE ARE TOO DAMN TOLERANT!  We LET this happen!  We did NOTHING to stop it!  Without Egalitarian Whites - NONE of this would have been possible!  Stop hating your Race!  Wake the fuck up and smell the rotting corpses of your Kinsman!   THIS IS WAR - ACT LIKE IT!  Do not try to Save what is without a Soul!  Do not spare what will only try again to Rape and Murder Our Kind!  The only Mercy, truly, is when We Purge Them from Existence!  Don't just Exile Them - Purge Them!  If I had it my way, We would all take down at least ten of those Bastards each before the year is over. It is by no means impossible. I am calling, quite simply, for "High Treason". I am calling for Resistance to something so sheer and utterly Beyond Perverse, that to call it Evil is an understatement.  


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