Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik: The Hypocrisy of a "Bi-Partisan" Boogyman

Breivik was found to be "Criminally Insane"; due to the way "Progressivism" works, this means there will be no real Punishment.  Due to The Regime's handling of the Insane, he'll be out in three years.  Why, oh, why would They let this  happen?!  Oh, right, he's a Master Mason, a Zionist, a Plagiarist (Ted Kaczynski's Manifesto is virtually identical, albeit he was ironically both a Khazar and an Anti-Zionist!) and perhaps a Khazar (he had Plastic Surgery to look more Aryan; now, however, he claims to regret the lose of his "great Nordic nose" - which he did not have!)!

Remember Jared Lee Loughner?  Another "White Supremacist Christian Extremist" that turned out to be a Khazar Supremacist Zionist Extremist!

Remember Columbine?  First, They claimed it was "Neo-Nazis" - then it turned out They were Khazars! Then They claimed it was "Goths" - though there was no Evidence for this!  Both of those Myths are still widely believed! 

Seeing a pattern of Media Distortions by Khazars, are we?

 Given how close he came to achieving his goal, either he was just severely misguided or (in a case of Life Imitating Art) he was an Agent Provocateur who started actually believing his Cover Story; the existence of Cultural Marxism makes either a possibility - one exacerbated by developments like and MK-ULTRA and Project Northwoods!

Let's consider the facts of the case: Officially, he didn't know that his main target wasn't at the office; which is why he changed his focus to the island.  However, some witnesses say there was a second person who set the bombs, and its even been officially stated that he went to the island with a real Police Badge!  That's not even to mention that the Cops somehow knew his name to shout it BEFORE arresting him, nor that it took an hour and a half for the First Responders to reach the bomb site - while he was still shooting people on the island!  Those he attacked were mostly White, and the Protesters were advocates of Palistinianism!  This all comes after Israelis Condemned Norway for refusing to aid the Israeli-Endorsed "Kinetic Military Action" brought forth by Obama (the second War he can't blame on Bush - the first being Egypt!) in Libya!

As for the rest: While Their Occupation Regime Denies that MK-ULTRA was successful and that Project Northwoods was ever put to use - The Soviets did put such things to use!  It isn't admitted that anything like MK-ULTRA was successful - though the Soviet version of Project Northwoods did crush many Monarchist and Capitalist Organizations and Movements!  Regicide, Genocide, Religicide, Politicide and all-around Democide were put to use by The Bolsheviks to create The Soviet Union!  They then continued to use Genocide, Religicide, Politicide and Democide in a much more organized and - unfortunately - effective fashion to retain Power for as long as They did!  Now, Cultural Marxism is being used in all White Countries to do the same thing in a less-obvious fashion - though that's not to say Innocent People are not Assassinated! 

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