Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Politically Incorrect (but Historically Accurate) guide to Slavery

Did you know that all 46 slaves ships were registered to Pseudo-Jews, many of the Auction Blocks were owned by Pseudo-Jews and Pseudo-Jews bought many of the Slaves?! In fact, before the 1700, only Whites were Slaves and Indentured Servants - and most were Illegally never freed! It wasn't until 1835 that Blacks could become Indentured Servants and the vast majority of Indentured Servants were still Whites!

Additionally, only six percent of The South owned Slaves and for the longest time, most of those were White Indentured Servants and for a significant period of time, they were White Slaves; once they had Black Slaves and a few Black Indentured Servants, many were Freed or even bought from Slaves Owners who were often Pseudo-Jews, Amerindians or those who lived in The North and/or pandered to the Pseudo-Jews! Also, most only owned 20 acres and 50 Slaves or less - which they most often received in exchange for additional years of Indentured Servitude!

Likewise, the Pseudo-Semite dominated Statist New World Order Media does not want you to know that Amerindians held Negros as Slaves and Illegally Enslaved many Whites; it was not until the Confederate States of America created an Alliance with the so-called "Five Civilized Tribes" that this practice ceased, as to continue it would mean war with The Confederacy - which was winning the war until Lincoln's Unconstitutional Orders and other acts which were considered Acts of Terrorism by the U.S. Constitution lead to it's downfall.

Also, the Amerindians weren't here first; the Solutreans were - and they were Nordics! They were a combination of White Canary Islanders, Vikings and Lost True Isra'elites! They were here even before Leaf Erikson came to Newfoundland and the Canadian mainland in 1001 - and they Explored and Settled many areas where there were none of those Mongoloids known as Amerindians! In fact, the Amerindians didn't even want Our Lands until We Explored and Settled the Lands which They had never even set foot on and previously didn't even know existed! Additionally, one Amerindian tribe in The American Southwest, which the Pseudo-Jew dominated Statist New World Order Media officially says - for Cultural Marxist purposes - was first inhabited by Amerindians and then by Mestizoids, admitted that they Stole those Lands from the Solutreans - before the Mestizoids even knew it existed! The same is true for the Inuit in Greenland! The Bimini Roads were built by White Canary Islanders 1,000 years before Mestizos even knew those Islands existed! The true Chachapoya were Nordic; as the Solutrean and Clovis Points, the 17,000,000 year old Architecture as advanced as what was seen in Medieval Europe and Nordic Skeletons and Mummies Proves beyond even a shadow of a doubt! Some of these True Chachapoya still Existed when the Spaniards came to Peru! The Spanairds called their Women "The Most Beautiful Women In The World" and quickly set about Converting them to Catholicism and Marrying them!

Thus, only Whites have a Right to The Western Hemisphere!

There were actually times when We were so massively out-numbered by Blacks that They Enslaved Us but We Resisted Them, and got Our Freedoms back - and We did it all without the aid of others! We had never harmed Them; They just Innately Despised Us - and They still do!

There are many such things!

Remember: You are only Pure White if you have only Pure White Genotypes and subsequently only Pure White Phenotypes! That's why We have to prevent Them from Miscegenating amongst Us; for failure to prevent such is to engage in Genocide! That is why it is not a "loaded-statement" to say "You are either with Us or against Us" - it's a Statement of Fact!

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