Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Uninformed, Nefarious Or Both?

Harriet Beecher Stowe's writings imply that she had seen first hand suffering on behalf of Slaves however in reality, she had never even been to a Slave State, Territory or District in either The North or The South, and she acted as if there weren’t Slave States in The North - not to mention Washington, D.C. being the Slave District that I referred to! Truth be told, she didn't even know anyone who had even been to even one of the aforesaid places - much less an actual Slave Plantation!

Additionally, she made no mention of the well-documented Illegal White Slavery - nor of White Indentured Servants; who made up virtually all Indentured Servants, as well as all indentured servants before 1854! White Slaves, depending on the Colony, minus the one which did not allow Slaves because they feared a Slave Rebellion, made up between 25-100% of all Slaves - and approximately 33% of all Slaves in America until the early 1700's!

She made no mention of the well-documented White Indentured Servants who were Illegally never Freed - thus Illegally Enslaved! She made no mention of how they were Illegally Enslaved by Yids! She made no mention of how all 46 Slave Ships that went to America and the majority of all Slave Ships in The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were owned by Yids!

Most of the auction blocks for Slaves in America were owned by Yids - as were most of the auction blocks for Slaves in the rest of The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade! She made no mention of the well-documented Blacks who captured and sold other Blacks into Slavery! She made no mention of Blacks being Enslaved by other Blacks in Africa! She made no mention of Black Confederates! Quite frankly - she made no mention of anything based upon Empirical Evidence!

She invented a work of fiction which she merely claimed to represent reality! In reality, however, almost everything that most people think they know is at least rooted in her work of fiction! In reality, Archeologist examined Slave Plantations - and found much larger living quarters for the Black Slaves than they expected! On most of these Slave Plantations, they actually found rifles - sitting out openly in the Slave's quarters! They also found fishing poles with proper hooks and even proper animal traps and knives for skinning them! They found everything the slaves needed to live in conditions much better than most Whites found living in Tenements in such places as New York! They even found that many had books amongst their own possessions - and they also found journals which had been written by the Slaves! According to their own writings - they seemed quite satisfied with Slavery! This is backed by the photographs of Black Confederates - as well as a Union Sanitation Officer describing his account of how Black Confederates had their own Commands over their own Black Units; Units which were as well supplied with the same quality materials as White Units, and which fought side-by-side with White Units! He even described how Black Confederates were more ruthless against Unionists - especially Black Unionist! There are even Historically Verified Reports in both Union and Confederate Records of Black Confederates choosing Death over Surrender! In fact, one Black Confederate escaped Execution and returned to his Black Unit and said "Massa had no principles" - because he had Surrendered instead of facing Death! One White Hero with a story which truly shows how horrible Northern Tyranny actually was is Riley Crawford - who at times even fought side-by-side with some Black Confederates!

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