Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Real Nabataeans: Anthroplocial Evidence against Afro-Centrist and Esau-Edomite Myths!

The relatively recent Afro-Centrist claims that Nabataeans created or even influenced the development of European Cultures are absurd, as European Cultures were already developed long before they even encountered any Nabataeans!

Furthermore, Nabataean Sculptures depict an outwardly Caucasian Appearance! Still, it is not known if Nabataeans merely possessed White Phenotypes or if they actually possessed Pure White Genotypes!

Some have suggested that they were Esau-Edomites, though this is inconclusive; though they lived in Esau-Edom, it is not known whether they Immigrated to this region or were actual Esau-Edomites. The Lands of Esau-Edom were inhabited by many Breeds, though the European Features displayed on Nabataean Sculptures indicate either true i.e. White Semitic Heritage or a form of Pseudo-Ashkenazim with atypical Features via a greater influx of European Blood as the Breed of the Nabataeans!

If the later is the case, they are only 1-10% Semitic, just like Their Arabian Pseudo-Semitic Brethren, and things like The White-Skin Phenotype, as well as any other White Phenotypes, as well as most White Genotypes, would be from Miscegenation with Japhetites in past generations! It's possible that they started as full Caucasians but later Miscegenation eventually changed the Civilization from White to Esau-Edomite!

Though the later two possibilities could explain why they had European Features but originally an Arabic Language, albeit they later adopted Aramaic, which they learned from People from the Hellenic Civilizations, this could also be explained by them having at least originally been Whites living in the Lands of Esau-Edom; as those Lands contained many Breeds - a few of which refused to Miscegenate! If that's the case, they could have been forced to adopt the Language of those that controlled the region; be it one Stolen from them or that they migrated to for either more fertile soil, for water or other resources, to escape another Tribe or Nation, Trade or a combination thereof!

Unfortunately, there is no (Acknowledged) Conclusive Evidence from Skeletons; as both Whites, Arabs and Blacks have been found in Nabataean Ruins! However, the Core Realms of the Kingdom are where Whites were found; the Negros and Arabs being found in the oft-shifting Outer-Realms!

The lack of Pseudo-Ashkenazim Skeletons, in addition to the aforesaid Anthropological Evidence, however, points to them originally having been Whites from what became known as The Lands of Esau-Edom; rather than actual Esau-Edomites, whether those Lands were Stolen from them or they were Immigrants. Arabs and Blacks, all Evidence thus indicates, only later Immigrated to what eventually became known as Jordan!

The Arabs claiming to be Descendants of Nabataeans, thus, are in reality either only those Descended from the later Arab Immigrants or Hybrids of the aforesaid and actual Nabataeans!

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