Thursday, November 17, 2011

Racial History and how it debunks the Multi-Cult

If all Races were equal, Negroes would not still be as primitive as they were 6,000 years ago! Sub-Saharan African is teeming with primitive, Voodoo-Worshiping, incestuous, self-mutilating, child-abusing (it's a long list so I'll just skip to the point) Negroes that believe the Civilized Whites to be "Devils"! There are birds, beavers and many other animals that construct more advanced structures than the Negroes and they even survive far better while doing so - and many of them even live in the same Sub-Saharan regions as those primitive Negroes! If it were not for Our Advancements, they would be less advanced than most animals - all over the world!

The same is true for all Races; the Vedic conquered India in The Wars between the Light and the Dark, and created the Vedas, the earliest and only true Hindu texts, as well as a new form of Astronomy, Mathematics, Agriculture and Medicine - some concepts of which have been refined but the fundamental principles of which are still used to this day! The light-skinned "Indians" are actually hybrids of Vedic and Dravidians! Unfortunately - They are raping and murdering the Vedic out of existence!

The Non-Siberian parts of East Asia owe its Roots of Civilization to the Celtic tribe known as the Tocharian; who settled in what latter became known as China, after “Emperor” Chin - who merely created a vast perversion of the Civilization created by the Tocharians! The Zen Koans philosophy has its roots in Tocharian Philosophy, however they trained those that would later be known as the Chinese in it and they added to it. The largest perversion of it, however, at least on a mainstream scale, that is, was when “Prince” Siddhartha Quintana corrupted it and then did so further by Blaspheming himself to be God! Additionally unfortunately, the true Tocharians have likewise been Raped out of existence; all that is left now is Mongolian-Tocharian hybrids in the upper region of China, sometimes referred to as Lower Mongolia or occasionally - though the Chinese Regime despises this reminder of the aforesaid Facts of History - The Tocharian Region! In Japan, the Ainu (Pre-Yamato Japanese) Miscegenated with Tocharians! Tocharians built the now-underwater City-State known as Japan's Atlantis!

The Middle East, apart from the Semitic Region, owes its Roots of Civilization to Scythians; who Bred with migrant Vedic!

The true Semites, the true Ethnic Hebrews, are long extinct however they created the only true Civilization in what should be Our Land, not theirs, of Isra’el - as it is properly spelled!

The true Chachapoya have likewise been raped out of existence however they where once Worshiped as Gods and Goddesses by the Incas, who gave them that name, meaning Warriors of the Cloud; a reference to The Cloud Rainforest, named such due to its cloud-like layer of mist! They are the ones that brought Architecture, Astronomy, Agriculture and Medicine to the Incas! In fact, that is the most probable explanation for what the Mayan descendants allege to be their “Alien Gods”; given that the true Chachapoya, the current claimants of said name being hybrids created through Mestizoids raping them out of existence, created what it is alleged that “only aliens could do” - the Mayans too must have been worshiping Nordics! There are other less-known Civilizations that are far more Advanced than They should be - They probably Worshiped the Chachapoya as Gods and Goddesses too!

This also makes sense when considering the fact that the true Egyptians, such as the original Pharaohs, were Whites!

They were Whites, as all of the original Europeans, Middle Easterners, North Africans and Siberians here - Non-Whites such as Blacks, Arabians, Pseudo-Jews, Mongols, Dravidians, hybrids thereof and more recently, those of all Non-White Breeds simply invaded Our Lands and stole and perverted Our Names and Traditions!

Even the Amerindians, some of whom also believe in “Alien Gods”, Stole this Land and certain Traditions from Solutreans - the same Solutreans that the original White Canary Islanders were descended from; the aforesaid being the ancestors of the now-extinct true Chachapoya! In other cases, those "Alien Gods" were really Vikings! True Semites were also In America and Mexico! "Though some claim that “There was no land or ice bridge from Spain to North America”, it has been proven that even a reed boat could cross the Atlantic Ocean - as an Archeological team did so to prove that such is how the now-extinct true Chachapoya did it! Solutreans of White Canary Islander Ancestry most likely were the Creators of The Bimini Roads in South Bimini, Bahamas - Proof of a Civilization at least 1,000 years older than the arrival of the Mongoloids that are Mestizos!

There are no shortages of Atrocities committed against Our People - albeit that The Lesser Breeds want Us to believe otherwise!

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