Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"Bi-Partisan Legislation": Progressing to Conserving a Khazarian Ideology

  It's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between "Neo-Conservatives" and "Progressives"; in fact, "Neo-Conservativism" was even formed as a Compromise - a term that seems to be the very Essence of "Neo-Conservativism" - with "Progressivism".  "Progressives" were ostensibly a middle-ground between Liberalism, which had then become synonymous with Communism, and "Capitalism; in this case, "Global Capitalism" - already a "Progressive" Ideology in and of itself!  "Progressives", and by extension "Neo-Conservatives", work in a Socialist System under the 'guise of Capitalism; the goal of "Progressives" being to use Cultural Marxism to establish actual Marxism.  "Neo-Conservatives" will be happy with whatever the "Progressive"-approved notion of History tells them is "Conservative"... albeit with a "Compassionate" side.  What we have now is a System more comparable to Bolshevism than Capitalism; the difference between "Democrats" and "Republicans" is now as superficial as the difference between Bolsheviks and "Slavophiles"! 

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