Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Judaism and White Genocide: Stastics on Khazar-Orchestrated White Genocides

The number of Ukrainian Holodomor Victims is over 10,000,000!

The number of Kazakastani Holodomor Victims is over 5,000,000!

Throughout the rest of The Soviet Union, the number of Victims of the Holodomors against the White populations, those being The Rightful Populations of said Countries which the Khazars Occupied, is over 10,000,000!

Then there is the the Fact of the 7,000,000 Russians Murdered outright by Khazars! How about the 1,500,000 Armenians - out of only 2,000,000 Armenians actually existing in Armenia before that?! How about the 1,700,000 Greeks?! How about the 750,000 Assyrians?

The last three, it should be noted, were by The Young Turk Regime - headed by Khazars! More proof that They are far more akin to Their Arabic Pseudo-Semitic Brethren than They want Us to know!

How about the 25,000,000 the Khazars Murdered in The Katyn Forrest Massacre?! They even tried to blame Germany for that - though various Humanitarian Organizations such as The Red Cross admitted it was The Soviets! It doesn't even make superficial sense to blame Germany - it was The Soviets who were Occupying Eastern Poland! Hitler only Invaded to take the parts of Poland which were Historically German - such as the City which was Stolen from Germany after WWI! He then made the Secret Treaty with Stalin to prevent Stalin from Invading! He only broke it because he intercepted a cable saying that Stalin was going to Invade - Hitler merely Preempted!

All together - Soviets Murdered over 100,000,000 Whites!

How about the 500,000 Germans in The Dresden Holocaust alone - which took place via firebombing of Innocent Civilians literally overnight?!

How about the Boer Genocide - which features about 90 Attacks a day and has found 3,500 Victims of Murder alone just since 1991?! Remember: The Khazars were directly responsible for championing the release of the Terrorist Nelson Mandela - as well as championing his efforts to become leader of the ANC! They even directly helped establish its overtly Militant Wing - They put Terrorists in power for the sole purpose of waging Genocide by any and all means against The Pure White Race!

How about The Serbian Genocide by the Pseudo-Albanians, whom falsely alleged that Serbians actually Attacked Them first - despite all Empirical Evidence to the contrary?! That's just a few of the Genocides/Holocausts which Esau-Edomites, or whatever you want to call those so-called Jews, have committed against Our Kind - and that's from the last century alone!

Since that is just from the last century - that doesn't even take into consideration that it was originally Hellenic in what is now called "Turkey"! It was also originally Whites who inhabited what is now called "Turkmenistan" - not the Khazars and other Arabs known as "Turks"!

So it is with true Albanians being White - though Arabs, Khazars, Gypsies and other Non-Whites vastly outnumber the true Whites in Albania!

See my note on The Irish Holodomor to see how They were also involved in that!

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on... Keep in mind that doesn't even take into consideration Their use of Rape as a Weapon against Our Kind - yet another disturbingly common Blasphemy!

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