Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dissolution of "Pakistan": Probable outcomes of pluasable scenarios: "Omnibus locis fit caedes"

"Pakistan", the inaptly named "Land of the Pure", being instead a mix of the Hybrids that are Shulmati (Northern Indians; of Lighter Complexion than Their Dravidian i.e. Southern Indian Kindred) and Arabs, some having the White-Skin Phenotype but almost all (20% claim to be White, however I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't even half that that have even White-Skin) having Non-White Genotypes, thus making Them amongst The Impure, may soon experience a dissolution.  To facilitate this, Obama is backing the construction of a Taliban Embassy and setting a Withdraw Date for Afghanistan and Iraq; encouraging The Muslim Brotherhood to be more aggressive after that date!

Furthermore, Obama wants to have an "International Intervention" in both Syria and Iran; just like his "Kinetic Military Actions" in Egypt and Libya - so much for being Anti-War!  He just does as The House of Rothschild and on a lesser note, whatever Rothschild's Underlings instruct or allow him to!  Due to the "Israelis" (Ishma'el-Edomites) Ostensible Sacrificing of the 550 year old Judeo-Turk relations, in addition to the scenario in Jordan, as well as "Turkey" (which Occupies Anatolia; a Land which those Khazars and other Arabs Stole from Hellenic People - and is on the verge of a Coup D'tat!) having Feigned seeking out an Alliance with the so-called Iranians (though Iranians means Aryans, "Iran" - meaning Land of the Aryans - has long been Arab!), then Betraying Them and Forcing Them in bed with Syria, this threatens to bring a multi-front War between "Israel", "Palestine", "Turkey", "Turkmenistan" (once again, Stolen from Whites by Arabs and other Khazars!), "Iran", "Syria, "Pakistan", the entire Muslim Brotherhood, "La Raza", The Cartels, The Kosher Nostra, India (a portion of which wants to Secede!), China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, "Chechnya", "Kyrgyzstan", "Kazakhstan" (all Stolen from Whites!), Russia, Georgia (Predominantly Bastardized by Bats, Azeri, Abhkazians  Tajik, Ingush, Gypsies, Avars, Jews and other Khazars!), Belarus, Greece, Armenia (Predominantly Bastardized by Jews, Gypsies, Avars and other Turkics), Pseudo-Assyrians (Mongolized Arabs with little-to-no Assyrian Blood - what The Regimes want Us to think of!), Pseudo-Kurds (Mongolized Arabs with little-to-no Kurdish Blood - what The Regimes want Us to think of!) - see where I'm going with this?!  Some that Alledge to be Assyrians and Kurds do have White-Skin - but no Genetic Tests have yet Revealed any to have Pure White Genotypes!

It's a cascading effect; both ancient and modern Alliances and Rivalries will trigger multi-front Wars for each of these Regimes, Terrorists and Guerrillas!  Though They may not all directly face each other, They will inevitably all be entangled in that web; one will draw in another and others will jump in voluntarily!

The Masses don't think this will happen because The Masses do not know History!  They know only the "Egalitarian" version; which completely disregards the Massacres of thousands to even millions of People - in individual events!   It denies Gynocides (Mass Rapes) of Whites - all of them!  It even calls Invaders by the names of The Rightful Populous - which it calls the Invaders!

How would this occur?  Simple: One of the new Regimes would be Pakhtunistan, however the Pakhtun are not a unified Tribe or Nation; They are a collection of Hybrid Tribes which has always been engaged in Fratricide!  If one Warlord is given Control, there will be Civil War; all sorts of "International Interventions" by "The North Atlantic Treaty Organization" (N.A.T.O.) and eventually the rest of "The United Nations" (U.N.) would be inevitable!  If any one Warlord managed to gain what "The U.N." would call a "Stable Government", i.e. a run-of-the-mill Islamic Regime, They would then seek to take control of the Pakhtun regions of Afghanistan; a Land which The Taliban wants to regain control of - America having deposed it!

Remember what I said about Jordan?  Remember "Israel" and "Turkey"?  Did you know that The Young Turk Regime had amongst it's Leaders the Doenme Jews?!  "Turkey" was Founded by one, Mustafa, that They Surnamed Ataturk (Father of Turks) - a Surname They Reserved for him alone!  That's why this is only an Ostensible Sacrificing of that Alliance!  What did that Regime do, you ask?  It waged Holocausts and other forms of Genocide against Hellenic!

"Chechnya" is the scum of the Caucasus, being Occupied by Mongrels, and has an ancient Feud with Russia!  Even Their Official explanation for why They Converted to Islam are a Blatant Lie!  They claim that the Muslims were the only ones to help Them - albeit that the Ossetian Cossacks were the first to help Them!  They even Hypocritically admit this when pretending to be Peaceful with Christians!  NEWS FLASH!  They Betrayed the Cossacks!  Russia and Georgia have tensions that are strained - to say the least!  You may recall that there was a Russian-Georgian War, not too long ago; a War that America inevitably poked its bloated Bureaucratic ass into!

Belarus?  They claim it's National Socialist - though it uses a Rothschild Central Bank!   Can you say "Defeating the purpose"?!  Non-the-less, like Iceland, which eliminated three Foreign Banks, though it too defeated the purpose by keeping the Rothschild Central Bank, it still managed to piss off International Jewry!  All that's Preventing a War, but Allowing Them to Resume Control, is it still being part of The I.M.F.!

 As for China and India: Though India may then not be pit against China, the possibility of an implosion for both is far more appealing than a Two-Bit War!  Besides, that pitting of the two against each other may occur anyway; be it as a result of Bureaucrats stretching Their reach thin in the hopes of taking advantage of Internal Divisions in the other Regime, or after a new Regime is formed in one or both Lands!  Additionally - there's still the possibility of portions of both China and India Seceding!

 North and South Korea are building Troops on Their respective sides of The Demilitarized Zone, where America STILL has Troops stationed - like it does everywhere it's been allowed to do so!  Do I have to go into the History of Sino-Yamato and Yamato-Korean Wars?!  You can look up Admiral Yi Sun-Sin and The Korean Wars, yourself; I'll just let you know that Korea alone could not withstand the Military Force of Their more Disciplined, more Technologically Advanced Japanese Rivals, and you can bet your ass that Japan is pissed that - in more-recent times - America first helped it gain Control of Korea and then broke that Control apart 35 years later!  That allowed the America-Backed Korean Civil War that most seem to believe is the sole Korean War to occur!  The Official Reason that America ousted Japan is because Japan bombed Pearl Harbor - NEWS FLASH!  Japan bombed Pearl Harbor because F.D.R. violated the American-Yamato Treaty by cutting off Japan's oil supply!  Why do you think Japan joined The Axis Powers?!  Getting the picture yet?!

I have to disagree with the conclusion of some speculators that this dissolution would be a negative thing.  The Middle East Regimes are really all the same, and I care not which one is leading the way in slaughtering the other!

As for those others: Let Japan take over South East Asia!  If that occurs, We may very well be able to re-obtain the parts which Our Tocharian, Yuezhi, Kushan and White Hunnic Brethren first discovered!  It's not like the current Indian Regime is so great, either; nor will the next one be!  This is going to happen anyway; it's inevitable - get it over with!

Some say it is bad for America; I thoroughly disagree here - unless you mean for the Obamanation!  What is needed for "America" is for a failure so sheer and utterly complete, so thorough, so Humiliating, that it will never think of showing it's face there again - it's only option being Nuclear Holocaust!  This will also thoroughly discredit Obama and anyone who can be linked to him, as well as discrediting "Neo-Conservatives"; albeit only, and ironically, in a mix of "Libertarian" and Nationalist circles!

While "Progressives" and "Neo-Conservatives" bicker ceaselessly about which of Them dropped the proverbial torch, "Libertarians" will find that Their very Liberal ways are simply causing the same implosion of America as the other Liberals, albeit via - occasionally, and often only slightly - varying Methodologies!

Whilst a more "Libertarian" Federal Regime takes power, certain Local and State Elections may find Nationalists; albeit that other areas will be locked in the same Sham-Battles of Politicians, albeit "Libertarian" and "Neo-Conservative" hijinks will increasingly replace "Progressive" and "Neo-Conservative" shenanigans. Unfortunately, that still leaves some form of "Egalitarians"/"Progressives"/Communists in Federal and most State and Local Power!

Eventually, the Dissolution of America will ensue; inevitably creating a divide between White Racial Enclaves and "Multi-Culturalist" Strongholds!  Whilst the Multi-Cult inevitably destroys itself, as such will inevitably occur World-Wide, We Whites will only have to solve the problems dealing with Internal Struggles; the substantial bulk of which will be resolved as soon as all Genetic Non-Whites and all "Multi-Culturalists" etcetera are removed from Our Lands!

As for Religion: Instead of trying to force different Creeds to live under a single Government, like The Multi-Cult, why not establish separate Christian Identity and Pagan Enclaves?  After that, it will be significantly easier to establish a Political Structure.  We need to Secure Our Own Existence as a Free and Sovereign People; then, We need to focus on building Our Economy through Traditional means.

As a portion of that, Agriculture should be preferable to Industry; Industry, however, can be used for Agricultural purposes.   Industry can branch out later; a sustainable and truly Organic Food Supply is Vital - just like a clean supply Fresh Water!  As such, Cultural Marxist Institutions such as Monsanto must be eliminated!  Their Manipulations must be Ceased - that is an Imperative!

Afterwards, We can work on establishing any practical Alliances with other White Nations!  Opposed to the pursuit of Lands and Resources from Abroad, We should maximize the uses of Our Own Lands and improve the manner in which We Harvest Our Own Resources; encouraging those around Our Lands to expel The Foreign Breeds and do the same!

Remember, as Lucky Lindy said: Racial Strength is Vital; Politics - a luxury!

It is the European Race we must preserve; political progress will follow. ~ Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, (Inventor, Aviator, White Racial Activist, Recipient of The Order of The German Eagle, Times' First Man of the Year, and Proclaimed Hero of the Century!)

They say any Criticism of Jews and/or other Arabs, no matter how Factual, such as even Admitting that They are each other's Kindred, is "Anti-Semitic"; what is Anti-Semitic about Opposing the Mongrels whose Ancestors Raped and Murdered Our Semitic Brethren to Extinction?!

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