Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Of Blood and Soul: A Lesson in Genetic Theology

If one is to view this Objectively, one must conclude that the Soul is the 120+ volts of Electro-Magnetism in the body. Had We not the Genotypes to determine the Bio-Chemical Nature of Our Brains which We currently do, We would behave very differently. That is to say: Had We instead been born as Negros, the resulting behavior would be in the manner which throughout History and regardless of Religion has been akin to Negros - opposed to that which throughout History and regardless of Religion has been akin to Whites!

While Indoctrination effects one's Behavior Patterns, and thus results in an Epigenetic change which is exacerbated or minimized by different Nutritional and other Environmental factors, one's "Ladder" Genetics remain permanent; it is this aspect of Genetics, followed by Epigenetics, which directs Sub-Conscious Thought. This Sub-Conscious Thought effects Conscious Thought, which is also directly influenced by both aspects of Genetics. Both the Conscious and the Sub-Conscious Mind are influenced by External Data, additionally. The Conscious Decisions one makes creates new material for processing by the Sub-Conscious Mind.

Thus, a Scientific notion of the Soul would be that each Soul would have to differ by Wavelengths to be Unique from all others even after its departure from The Temporal Realm and entrance into The Spiritual Realm. Even so, the Genetic Codes of different specimens would lead to different interpretations of the Soul; meaning that the same Soul transferred to a different body would result in a different behavior, with a gradation of differences depending on Genetic Similarities or Differences in the body! That would explain how a Soul could be Unique in both the Temporal and Spiritual Realms!

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