Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Plight of the Boer: White Genocide in "The Rainbow Nations"

The Boer discovered almost all of South Afrika (as it is properly spelled in Afrikaans, a Language derived from a Dialect of Dutch; being that the Boer were Ethnically Dutch!) and Rhodesia (as it is their Land and should be Named what they Named it!); the rest was Purchased fairly or Won in Battle, Battles which ensued when Zulus and other Negros decided not only to not except reasonable offers - but to Unjustifiably Attack the Whites!

If they do not Fight, they have to seek Sanctuary somewhere safer - for to stay would be to die or worse; if they are not Murdered, both Males and Females - both Adults, Adolescents and Children! - are Sexually Assaulted and sometimes even taken into Sex Slavery! The Despotisms won't give them Sanctuary, either; They are too busy giving it to Haitian Pagans and Somali Terrorists etcetera!

Even if they get into a Despotism like what claims to be America, they are not safe; so-called "Affirmative Action" has made everyone poor - so poor that many previously in a range comparable to "America's" Middle Class now have been reduced to trying to raise a Family in a mere shanty! They thus cannot afford to live in even a Semi-Decent neighborhood! They do not have “Affirmative Action” working for them - it Violently works against them! Many are afraid to bring a Child into that Hell! Many are afraid to walk the streets - even in large groups; The Negro Horde has larger groups - and They are often armed! They Lust after Whites and some, literally, have an unquenchable Blood Lust!

Such Crimes are on the rise - and many of the so-called Cops are in on it Judges refuse to even hear such cases, at least via continuously granting “Stays of Trail” or a “Change of Venue” without Merit! They will either not Convict Them or will give Them a Proverbial slap on the wrist, as an actual one would be deemed “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” and Their Media would decry it as “Torture” and “a great betrayal of their brothers” - things which would be deemed “Obviously Racist” if it was in regards to Whites; being labeled a “Racist” is deemed “a Criminal Offense” - and often results in Whites being Murdered for it! Whites are Murdered at random - by both “Civilians” and “Cops”!

A massive Killing Field was found in Rhodesia; 600 Whites were Kidnapped, tied up, dragged miles into the dessert, placed in a Mass Grave and shot until The Negro Terrorists ran out of ammo - at which point They decided to burn Their Victims alive! Those Victims were a combination of Whites and Blacks who refused to Murder Whites! After that, there weren't too many Blacks who didn't want to Murder White!

It is not at all uncommon for Whites to go “Missing” and never return in South Afrika and Rhodesia! Bodies are found left out to rot in the desert heat - and those who are Innately Disgusted by the Immorality of The Negro Terrorists are targeted for “Racism” and “Punished“ for their “Crime“ with Rape and Murder!

That is the world of the Boer; that is “The Rainbow Utopia” envisioned by Nelson Mandela, who sings “Kill the Boer” along with his wife and who was Knighted by the Usurper upon The British Throne for such Despotic Acts as creating The Bilderberg Group and joining The Elders; Elitist Establishments which openly promote Their Despotic Desires for “The Marxist New World Order”. That is “The Rainbow Nation” of Winnie Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s wife; who says about the Boer “With our chains and with our necklaces we shall kill them!” - “necklaces” being a term They use to mean flaming tires which They place around the neck’s of Whites who They brutally whip near to death with chains! That is “The Rainbow Kingdom” of Robert Mugabe! Perhaps the world has forgotten, so let Us remind The Masses - that was once called Hell!

Here's an Infamous story about a well-known Victim: Willemien Potgieter was not even three years old when she was Murdered along with her Family, her mother likewise shot, her father first beaten near to death with a hammer, then shot, for "Being Racist"! The nature of her “Crime”? Being White! One of the Negros who sings the Communist ANC Regime’s Official Song “Kill the Boer”, wherein They Swear and Ungodly Oath to do just that, was selected by The Regime to bury Willemien! Those who opposed this Act of Cultural Terrorism, at a Funeral for a little girl who was Murdered by Anti-White Terrorists no less, are deemed “Racist”! So it is to even say that Willemien was Murdered by Negros! Think about that: They label Truth as "Racism"!

I found something awhile ago which I thought I should share here; a Homo-Heidelbergensis Cranium was found in South Afrika which predates all Fossil Evidence of Negroids! Therefore, even in Prehistoric Times, Nordics alone had established their Right to South Afrika - not Negroids! Think about that next time a Negro tells you that South Afrikaners are Evil for Stealing Their Lands! In reality - the Negros stole it!

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  1. At the time I wrote this entry, there were 68,000 White African Genocide Victims in South Africa, "Lesotho", "Swaziland", "Botswana", Namibia, "Zimbabwe" (Rhodesia), Malawi, "Angola", Zambia, and Kenya; now, there are no less than 70,000! Some Estimates, even from Non-White Sources, put it as high as 88,000! That's not to Consider all the Millions having been Impoverished and/or Forced into Diaspora by the Genocidal Regimes!

    It is in other Regimes in Africa, as well; in every place in the World wherein there are Whites, there is Disproportionately-High Anti-White Violence! Sometimes, the White Genocides are so Obvious that Media Idolatry of the Perpetrators cannot Contain the Truth!

    *The Names in Quotations are because those Tribes now Claiming it, do not have an Historic Land Claim to as much as is being Claimed and/or because They have used as an (Invalid) Argument that They did not have a Concept of Ownership.

    Over 70% of South Africa was Unexplored by Non-Whites, until after Whites Took The Initiative! The Sondheim Cranium also Proves that Prehistoric Whites had Explored South Africa; it is a Homo(-Sapiens-)Heidelbergensis Cranium, and the oldest Heidelberg Man was Discovered outside of Heidelberg, Germany. He is approximately 450,000 years old, and The Sondheim Cranium is approximately 300,000 years old.