Thursday, November 17, 2011

St. Augustine's Writings on Human Abortion, and an Inquiry into The Spirtual Natures of The Accursed Breeds

Like other Church Fathers, St Augustine "vigorously condemned the practice of induced abortion" as a crime, in any stage of pregnancy. That is where the debate ends with those that hath understanding.

The Heretics, however, insist that he considered in his works whether or not the child had yet been Gifted a Soul by God; They neglect, however, to mention, a denial in effect through implication, or They will openly deny, the fact that he concluded that it did not matter - for no one has the Right to deny the child the Right to be Gifted a Soul by God!

Seeing, however, that only The Lost True Isra'elites are Human, one must contemplate whether all Non-Gentiles have a Soul or if God only Gifts one to certain individuals as part of The Holy Balance - with which we are not to interfere!

As God Punishes, barring the necessity, in regards to His Holy Balance, for one or more generations to be spared, if He allows such a thing to come to pass, “unto the third or fourth generation”, using His Holy Discretion to determine The Proper Punishment For The Crime, in regards to The Merits of the Case, to decide unto which generation He shall be “bestowing the inequities of the father unto the son”, “son” therein, as derived from the context, bearing the archaic Meaning of “descendant”, if a way could be ascertained to determine if and when such exceptions are made, we could determine which are Heretical in Nature, and which are of Sound Mind - thus which deserve to live or die!

A Lost True Isra'elite in "Israel" is still a Lost True Isra'elite; for they are lost to their Rights, in regards to them not being acknowledged, even if they are officially, for the Zionist Occupation Government acts in a manner akin to denial of Our Sacred Rights! Only once Isra'el is restored as Our Gentile Nation Under God, will We be no longer Lost! One way or another - The Regime must fall! Those Lands are for the benefit of Our Kind - not those Accursed Esau-Edomites!

As for Sound Mind: There exist cases where an individual strives to have The Purest Intentions in regards to all things however their mind has been corrupted though it can be Saved; for example, the Schizophrenic. They may desire to only do good however they may be too insane to know what good is albeit they can be Saved; thus, it is not Our place to kill them but to aid in their recovery. However, not all insane beings can be Saved; We must use Our discretion, in accordance with The Laws of Logic, as so Graciously put forth by Almighty God, The Author of Science and Knowledge, to determine which do and which do not have Merit for Our Aid! Trust in The Author of Reality, for then you shall be Saved; all else is insanity!

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