Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And Justice Shall Be Poetic...

If We do not take a Stand against Them and Preserve Our Own Kind, We will Perish within this century! Many of Our Nations will go Extinct around 2050, and many will be Extinct before!

The Jews have to face the Facts, then; They will learn that when We are gone - the world will be an infinitely Hostile and Miserable for Them! They'll have no White Civilizations to Ravish, no White Women to Rape, and no White Children to Murder for Their Occultism. They'll only a Massive Horde of "Amalgamated" Brown Brainwashed to confuse you with Us! They will turn on you in the same manner you set Them loose upon Us! You can use your "Samson Option", disgracing Samson by claiming to be of the same Kind, but you will find that it will not deter Them! You will find your Bank Accounts running dry, without Us to leach off of. You will find that The Culture of Dependency which you created will come back to haunt you. You will find the Homosexualization of your Kind, and these Sissies bowing before a Feminist Regime. You will find the "Transgendered" Indoctrinating your Kind in the "Education" System you Corrupted. You will find during this process that Negroids and Mongoloids do not Protest merely online or with placards; you will see Riots in the streets! You should know all of this; this is The System which you subjected Us to! You will begin to find Pseudo-Sephardi replacing Pseudo-Ashkenazim as The Elite inside your own structure, and you will find the other Khazars Uniting against you! You will find a greater degree of Miscegenation with those other Non-White Breeds, amongst your own Kind. Without Brainwashed Whites to die for you, you will have to fight your own Wars.

You saddled Us with your Debt and are riding Us into Oblivion, but you don't care about the Debt coming back to Haunt you because you Control The Money Supply; however, you will find that They do not want to work within The System which you Brainwashed Them to blame on Us!

At first, it will be easier to manipulate Them than Us, and you may even be able to get a brief period of Idolization from some of Them; however, you will find that They will still consider you Hybrids to be "too White" - so They will come after you! When it is only you, and you have Indoctrinated yourselves with "Multi-Culturalism, what chance will you have of avoiding Oblivion? None. You will Perish because of devices of your own Design.

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