Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Irish Holodomor: A Lesson in Fratricide, Usury and Usurpation!

 I'm sure you've heard of The Irish Potato Blight, though you probably haven't heard the Reality.  It was a Holodomor - not a Natural Famine!  It's Holodomor because every Crop was "Appropriated" and Removed from Ireland, Reserved for the Oppressors or Left to Spoil under Guard!

Furthermore, England Subjected Ireland to Oppressive Taxes!  Even IF there had been Food, as there was Scarcely any, they wouldn't have been able to Afford it!  They weren't Permitted to Hunt or Fish, and Many were Imprisoned as a result of not being able to pay the Genocide-Funding Taxes - so they Starved to Death whilst Unjustly Incarcerated!

Over 2.3 million Irish Men, Women and Children were Murdered in Cold Blood!  Upon coming to America, New Englanders treated them with great disdain; mostly because they were predominantly Catholic, though also because they were Irish - whereas most of the New Englanders at that point were still of English Ancestry!  Add to that White Slavery, mostly of Children, in England's and its Commonwealth Realms Mines, Factories and Plantations, as well as American Plantations, Mines and Factories!  Many Died on the way over, and the "Convicts" sent to Australia were actually Starving Political Prisoners!  As Hoffman Notes in The Forgotten Slaves: Whites in Servitude in Early America and Industrial Britain: Most of Australia's "convicts" were shipped into servitude for such "crimes" as stealing seven yards of lace, cutting trees on an aristocrat's estate or poaching sheep to feed a starving family.

Why is there this Fratricide between Celto-Basques and (sometimes also Norman and/or Hanoverian) Anglo-Saxons, you ask?  Apart from the majority of Anglo-Saxons having Converted to Protestantism (which was originally different from Catholicism in that the so-called King functioned as Pope, though Puritans later brought other Reforms, which sparked yet others by different Protestants, which sparked the Catholic Counter-Reformation), there is also the Fact that the Protestant "Royals" were Loyal to the self-proclaimed House of Rothschild!

Unfortunately, most Protestants to this day would sooner support Jew (Khazar) Bankers and Industrialists than Irish Catholics!  Even those that claim to despise the Rothschilds and Disraelis maintain this hatred - often claiming it is just for The I.R.A.!  The reality is that The Undefeated Army would not need to exist if British Protestants hadn't taken Scottish Protestants (as Scotland was predominantly Catholic) and sent them to Ireland - meaning that they had to Steal the Lands of Irish Catholics!

Why didn't they just bring them to England, you ask?  They have a Warped Sense of Culturalism.  Whereas the Irish were Fighting for the Irish, and were Peaceful towards Fellow Whites, especially Fellow Nordics, the Anglo-Saxons abandoned true Tribalism for Loyalism - those They were Loyal to being Loyal in turn to Khazars!  A similar story is how The American People were Betrayed for the concept of Unity - opposed to Freedom!

What Surname do the current Usurpers claim?  Windsor!  Who were the first People to have Windsor in their Surname?   The Fils De Gerald (FitzGerald/Fitzgerald) De Windsor Family - from whom the current Windsors bought Windsor Palace!  Whereas the Gheradini were Eugenically Bred, not all of their Descendant Families remained so Noble - regardless of what Titles they may have claimed!  The Geraldines - the Fitzgeralds and their Descendant Families - were amongst but by no means limited to their Eugenic Descendants, whereas the later Windsors were amongst the Dysgenic Families!  The Hapsburg split into Eugenic Families and Dysgenic Families, whereas Hohenzollerns were a Eugenic Family!  The other Gheraldini Descendant Families were Eugenic but eventually died out!  Where did Geraldines still maintain the most Legal Power and Cultural Influence?  Ireland!  Where in Ireland was hit the hardest by this Holodomor?  Kerry!   Who was The First Lord of Kerry?  John FitzGerald!  Thus, the Irish Holodomor included a Fratricide!  Similarly - WWI was a Fratricide!  That's actually why they changed their Surname from The House of Hanover (the older Branches of which, in The Austro-Hungarian Empire and The Kingdom of Germany, they were Engaged in a Fratricide Against - Acting on Behalf of Usurping Khazar Overlords!) to The House of Windsor - Insulting the original De Windsor Family, The House of Hanover and The House of Gherardini in General!

Catholic or Protestant, Christian or Pagan, We need to Unite Against The Foreign Breeds!  Arise and Fight! Do Not Their Bidding!  We Need Self-Determination for each of Our Nations in each of Our Lands!  We need to Break The Shackles of Jewish Thought!  We need to Earn The Title of Aryan!

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