Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What both the Novus Ordo, Protestants and "Othodox" need to know about "Papal Infallibility"

They always cite some alleged "Papal Infallibility" - however I always cite The Holy Bible! Papal Infallibility only extends to those rulings that are in accordance with both the Empirical Evidence and Logic!

In other words: If it cannot be Debunked through either Empirical Evidence or Logic, it is to be assumed correct! If it can be Debunked through either one or both of the aforesaid - it cannot be an accepted Doctrine! Also, that which does not follow the aforesaid is an action of a Usurper, and all those that aide or abate Them in any way shape or form are thus also Usurpers - thus those Heretics cannot hold any Clerical position nor any Legitimate claim to being a Catholic!

Therefore, they could never even have the true form of Papal Infallibility described above! Ultimately, it only applies for the Seat; not the one claiming hold it - even if they actually do! In other words: When it violates any aspect of the Truth, being thus against God (be it Blasphemous, Heretical, Sacrilegious or any combination thereof!) - it is not done on behalf of The Holy Church! If it appeared to be correct at the time, they must simply reject the notion and Repent! If they deliberately lied - again, they must reject the false notion and Repent!

The problem is that They falsely believe that They merely have to Confess - however that is merely Confession, not Repentance! Likewise, Confession due to fear of Punishment in any form is merely Contrition; you must - to truly Repent - Confess because of an Innate Despise of Evil which has finally lead you to shake off the brainwashing from society and/or a particular individual or group of individuals which lead you to Sin! Being Brainwashed into Immorality does not ride you of Responsibility to face Punishment - you allowed yourself to be Brainwashed thus you must still face the Punishment!

Ultimately, all Schisms since Pope Gregory The Great developed and Canonized the notion either trace their roots to a misunderstanding of Papal Infallibility or they at least employed one!

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