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Biblical Geneology: The Brethren of The Lord

Note: The Greek word for Brother/Brethren is often extended to any male relative, with the context determining the particular Meaning therein; in this context, it refers to His Cousins - The Princes in The Line of David to The House of Judah and The House of Isra'el! I'll take the liberty of assuming you have at least a basic knowledge of The Apostles - and I certainly hope I don't have to explain the importance of Bloodlines in Holy Law! - so I'll move on:

St. Levi called Mathew was sired by the same father as St. James the Less (referring to his shorter stature than James the Greater) a.k.a. James The Just (that father being Alpheus); thus St. Mathew is being a Half-Cousin to Christ! It is clear that it was not just another man named Alpheus, as there is no other moniker to distinguish him - nor any other clues from the context!

St. Simon can only be Simon the Cananean, as St. Simon called Peter (later Pope St. Peter) was the younger brother of St. Andrew - who is not listed as on of The Brethren of the Lord! Even if the list is incomplete, it still must be St. Simon the Cananean, opposed to St. Simon called Peter - as evidenced by his name! St. Andrew was originally an Apostle of St. John The Baptist, though he became the first Apostle of Christ! Furthermore, it's obvious that he was not Simon Magnus a.k.a. Simon The Magician a.k.a. Simon The Sorcerer from the Pseudo-Clementine Homilies of Gitta; Simon Magnus was the first acknowledged Heretic in The New Testament - hence his name of The Father of Heresies!

St. John The Baptist was beheaded by Harod, father of Salome; the mother of St. James the Greater, and St. John The Beloved Apostle a.k.a. St. John The Evangelist a.k.a. St. John The Divine - the only Apostle who wasn't Martyred! Harold also was involved in The Crucifixion of Christ. Salome, along with Mary of Cleophas (also translated as Clopas, which some say is more accurate, or Klopas), Mary Magdalene, and The Blessed Virgin Mary, was present as His Crucifixion. Mary Magdalene, Apostle to the Apostles, was sired by Nicodemus; originally a Heretic, having fallen Victim to the Usurped Order of the Pharisees, he later Converted and eventually became Saint Nicodemus.

Some have tried to say that Salome is the sister of The Blessed Virgin Mary, however neither of her parents were parents of The Blessed Virgin Mary; the misconception comes from a mistranslation of a particular set of verses - a mistranslation which is mooted regardless due to the aforesaid! St. Anne, Queen of the Isra'elites and St. Joachim, King of the Isra'elites, were The Blessed Virgin's Parents. Salome was begat by Usurper's Harod and Harodias!

It is actually Mary of Clopas who is The Blessed Virgin's Sister; as females are not designated by their linage. Clopas is her husband.

Males are designated - when using Linage - by their father; lest they have a brother who is better known, in which case they may designated themselves as a member of his Family!

No other information is available on St. Joseph (who is not to be confused with the elder St. Joseph; Christ's Surrogate father!) except that he was born to Mary of Clopas.

St. Judas called Jude Thaddius is not to be confused with Judas Iscariot; the Heretic who betrayed Christ!

The myth that St. Jude Thaddius was James The Just's son is the result of a mistranslation; the label son was arbitrarily assigned as the Greek word for brother or brethren, as said above, is often extended to mean male relative! In reality, their Genealogy is recorded and it illustrates them as actual brothers!

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