Monday, November 28, 2011

Isolationism or Alienism: There is no middle ground.

Phobia: N. An Irrational Fear. "Xenophobia" is said to be "The Fear of Foreigners or Foreign Things." Given that every society which has ever attempted to "Amalgamate" has ended in Ruin, wouldn't this Fear be Justified? A better term, thus, would be Isolationism; a desire to stay separate from that which is different.  Why must "Diversity" always come at a loss to Us?  Why is no one else asked to abandon their ways for Us?  Whenever someone points out the absurdity of some other Race's Culture or disproportional Criminality of another Race, it is "Racist".  To blame Whites for things that were done by Non-Whites, or that are entirely fictitious, and to praise Non-Whites for the Inventions and Discoveries of Whites is said to be "Equality", "Diversity", "Cultural Enrichment" or whatever euphemism for a comprehensive Democide is being pushed at the time! 

Think about it: The easiest thing for Them to ask for is more "Hispanics", yet They can't even reach a consensus on what the CULTURAL term Hispanics means!  To use it as a Racial term is both inaccurate and disastrous. It's not that it's short-sighted; it's a deliberate attempt, like so many others, at "Amalgamating" the cultures to "Amalgamate" the Races. The problem is that Races do not Amalgamate; they get Destroyed!  While this will come as an improvement to many Non-Whites, it will be disastrous to Whites.  Furthermore, these mere Hybrids won't be able to sustain what Our Kind created.  In the end, the annihilation of The White Race will prove to be the downfall of Civilization and the beginning of a global Haiti.

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  1. Ye cam to Paradise incog, An’ play’d on man a cursèd brogue, (Black be your fa’!) An’ gied the infant warld a shog, Maist rui’d a’. D’ye mind that day when in a bizz Wi’ reekit duds, an’ reestit gizz, Ye did present your smoutie phiz ’Mang better folk, An’ sklented on the man of Uzz Your spitefu’ joke? (Excerpt from "Address to the Deil", by Robert Burns)