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Notes on The Misunderstood Life of Adolf Hitler

An obvious Myth is that Alios' father was Leopold Frankenburger, opposed to Johann Georg Heidler; whose name was alternatively listed several ways before a clerk regularized it to one of those names, Hitler, on Alios' Birth Certificate! He wasn't on it before because Alios was born out of Wedlock; Johann was so hesitant to step forwards because having sex out of Wedlock was considered highly Immoral behavior - he was simply too ashamed to admit what they had done until later in Alios' life! Remember: No "Jews" were even allowed into Graz, from which all Khazars had been expelled in the 15th century, until many years after Alios was born! Frankenburger himself even said that Alios' Aryan Blood was obvious! Hitler's mother was then slandered as having had him as the Illegitimate Child of a Rothschild whilst working for said Khazar Family as a Maid - though no evidence that she ever even had sex with any "Jew" has ever been presented; no photographs or written or recorded oral testimonies exist! Hitler also does not bear any similarity to any of the Rothschilds! Additionally, it's a well-established fact that she was already intimate with Alios Hitler before that period! Of course, with the name Shicklegruber, he was smeared as a "Jew"; in reality, however, Shicklegruber - like so many other names - was originally German but was stolen by Khazars whilst pretending to be German! They alleged this is what this family did - though no evidence of it was ever brought forth! The next Myth about his Ancestry is that his mother was "Jewish"; no evidence has ever been presented whatsoever to substantiate this claim! Pseudo-Historians tried to keep the Myth that "Hitler was Jewish" alive by saying that his Nephew, William Patrick Hitler, had sent a letter to Hans Frank which threatened to expose "Hitler's Jewish Ancestry" - though no corroborating evidence for these outrageous claims was ever presented!

Hitler was beaten with a baton by his father from the time he was seven until his father died! The reason for this was because his mother favored him over his talentless brother (Alios Jr.), whom his father thought could have become a Doctor but his mother wanted the money to go to Hitler's Oberrealschule (Over-real-school i.e. Collage - now also known as Universitate; many of which, at least, are five years but eliminate some of the busy work and go more in-depth with actual studies and thus are the equivalent of a Graduate a.k.a. Masters Degree in America!), which caused him to run away from home - and Alios took out his rage in the form of physical abuse of a seven year old Hitler! In fact, his father caught him painting in a field and beat him so brutally with a baton that even his relatives which generally said he deserved it would later testify that it was "harsh"! This obviously and understandably had a negative impact on his grades and self-esteem! Also, his half-brother's death at nine understandably caused Hitler to become depressed and thus for his grade's to slip!

Despite the fact that his water colors and sketches are actually very talented works [though it was claimed that he had a "complete lack of appreciation for the Human form" - when in reality, his water colors INTENTIONALLY used silhouettes to draw the attention away from the people and towards the buildings (which is actually a common technique and one which everyone in the mainstream art-world that has used it has been Hypocritically Praised for!) and many People liked his Portraits; just as many People today still do - including Pseudo-Hebrews and Zionists of all kinds!] and the fact that it was admitted that he was talented at drawing buildings, so they suggested that he become an Architect, they declined him from the Academy of Architecture in Vienna!

Did you know that the only reason Hitler was not accepted into the Academy of Architecture in Vienna is that his diploma from realschule (real-school i.e. high school) had been ripped in half and used as toilet paper as a prank?  Officially, Hitler was drunk and did it out of spite for his teachers so his diploma was revoked and he was retro-actively changed from a Graduate to drop-out status!  They defended their stance by saying that he was an obstinate prankster however even if he did do it, it was his degree and he had been shown a complete lack of compassion for his abuse and recognition of his numerous talents - hence his acting out!  Thus, by retro-actively altering his Graduate status to a de facto failing one - they where undoubtedly acting out of spite!

Thus, though he was admittedly a skilled artist for Architecture and was even told he could have a brilliant future in Architecture, a high school prank - which he was blamed for! - prevented him from becoming the world-renowned Architect he deserved to be!

Due to his mother having been the only one that showed him any sense of compassion, except for his only friend during his adolescent years (from when he lived in a young mens' home at fourteen for six months when his mother was sick before running away and returning home) he literally begged the local doctor to treat her and since he made frequent house calls and saw that the adolescent Hitler couldn't repay him, he chose to treat her for free; which caused Hitler to say "I will forever hold you in my heart" - which is why he spared him from being exiled or executed for refusing to leave!

Thus, from seventeen to eighteen, he spent a year living on the streets and sleeping on park benches; as the vile Pseudo-Jewish shopkeepers spit on him, threw stale food at him, encouraged their grotesque and beyond perverse excuses for children to do the same to him - even spitting on him and calling him a rat as they chased him away from their stores simply for walking down the public sidewalks!

Therefore, he joined The Army and became a Decorated and Respected War Hero! Unfortunately, despite many praises from his fellow squad members, his so-called "Superior" made the absurd allegation that he did not possess the necessary qualities of a Leader!

When he was severely wounded in battle, in point of fact, his Commanding Officer noted that the entire squad’s Morale declined since they had lost such a great and brave soldier!

Though they told him he would never walk again - he did! He proved them wrong and all the while, as they literally told him to "just give up" and merely "be happy" he was even still alive, he thought of nothing other than recovering and firmly informed them of his Duty as a soldier - saying that he had a Duty to his King and Country to rejoin the brave men fighting and dying on the battlefield!

Unfortunately, the day they finally agreed to let him rejoin his squad, a messenger came in and informed them that the King had died and their Beloved Empire had surrendered - however it was the Pseudo-Jewish usurpers that gave the Despotic Order to surrender; according to The Tradition and Law of the Land, they were not only expected to but also Legally Required to Elect a new Emperor from amongst the Royals that where not banned from being Heirs and if none existed, it was The Tradition and Law of the Land to Elect a New Emperor from amongst the Nobles that where not banned from succeeding to The Throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire! The same is true for The Tradition and Law of the Land for The Kingdom of Germany! Thus, they were not “scapegoats” – they were Tyrants! He blamed the Pseudo-Jews in general because the Pseudo-Jewish community not only failed to denounce those usurpers and their Unholy and Treacherous actions, they refused to do so – and even out-right tried to defend those Heretical Terrorists!

Though the Pseudo-Jews slander him by saying that he was unintelligent, both enemies and allies testified that he was a true Genius; for he could remember, at the very least, though often substantially more, the general theme and certain passages after only once having skim-read a complex Psychological, Medical or otherwise Scientific, or Historical work!
He could even recite entire passages from Psychological, Medical or otherwise Scientific, or Historical works which he had only read once entirely from memory and applied them in strictly Scientific manners - and always acquired the results which he predicted!
Thus, the claims that he - somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary! - perverted their meanings is absolutely absurd and thus incredible; incredible does not mean "amazing", it means "not credible" - those slanders have no Merit!

Also, they - for some lack of reason - insist that he had brown eyes; however, his eyes where steel-blue!

The alleged fragment of Hitler's skull turned out to not only not be Hitler's - but to be that of a younger WOMAN!  Thus, the allegations that his Dentist's assistant identified the teeth on a mandible (jaw bone) found near the cranial-fragment as Hitler's are preposterous; it was a fragment of a woman's skull and the Russians still refuse to allow Non Regime-Compliant Scientists to test the jaw fracture or even to view it - because they know it's from a younger WOMAN'S skull!

The claims that it belonged to Eva Braun are also absurd because she was never shot in the head - and numerous people where killed by the Soviets around Hitler's bunker!   The skull could belong to any woman between the ages of 20 and 40 who disappeared anywhere around 1945 - or it could even have been there before the bunker was built!  Thus, their remains have never been identified!  Given the aforesaid, it is more than obvious that the Soviets' claims that he had only one testicle are Propaganda - not fact!  It is also alleged that a Doctor of his after he was wounded in Battle in WWI testified to this, however this claim did not circulate until The '60's; it is incredible! 

Furthermore, there is nothing which can be Logically considered evidence what so ever of any variety to insinuate that he had even so much as one instance of the slightest homosexual desire in his entire life!  Myth debunked!  End of discussion! 

 Additionally, there is NO evidence that Hitler was attracted to Geli; he broke up her marriage to Emil Maurice because Maurice was the co-founder of the S.A. and the number two of the S.S., so it wasn't a politically favorable marriage; not with Emil being 1/8th Jew - for they would say her baby, if she was actually pregnant and that's not a later edition to the myth, was a Jew!  In fact, both National Socialists and Jews said that the very implication of incest by anyone made him physically sick.  The paintings that are alleged to be of her are generally recognized as being of his wife, Eva.

Also, his alleged affection could very well have been him seeing her as a daughter since he didn't have one of his own; thus he wanted to protect her from the outside world and therefore the alleged "non-reciprocated affection" could have been entirely platonic - she may have simply felt that his protective nature was overbearing! Additionally, she may simply not have cared for the rigid political life which she was brought into by being the niece of the most powerful man in the world!

Again: He had no incestuous desires and the very implication otherwise, as well as when it was implied that others did it or could have done it, caused him to become physically sick - thus he could not have had those thoughts, nor was he able to do such a thing!

As for why he didn't attend his sister's wedding: That was simply because his sister didn't approve of his girlfriend and later wife; Eva Braun!

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