Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hell hath no fury like a Zionist's scorn: Sacrileges, Blasphemies and Heresies of Vatican II

Why did Karol Wojtyla Józf re-write the centuries-old Canonization Laws? He cut the number of required Miracles in half! He named 482 saints - that's more than the number declared during the combined Reigns of the past 500 years! He even "Sainted" Pio of Pietrelcina, who had been investigated by The Vatican in the '20's and '30's - only to be determined a Fraud!

Karol also eliminated the role of the so-called "Devil's Advocate" - a centuries-old Duty assigned to a Vatican official who raised questions about a candidate's Virtues as well as about any alleged Miracles said to have occurred in the would-be Saint's name. Now, Karol himself has been "Beatified" - despite the women he "Miraculously" Healed having Relapsed!

His successor, Joseph Alios Ratzinger, has named more "Saints" than any other claimant to the Papacy! Many of them have much more questionable "Virtues" and Lifestyles - such as a Con-Artists who allegedly Converted! Furthermore, Ratzinger allowed for Karol's body to be exhumed and put on display in Vatican Square - in an festival resembling the Aztec Día de los Muertos! On a related note: Vatican II has failed entirely to Condemn this practice, as well as such things as Santa Meurte, Santeria, and the use of outwardly-Catholic Prayers in Voodoo in Hoodoo!

Ratzinger's so eager to "Repent" for his involuntary involvement in The Hitler Youth that he's Championing The Rothschilds and Their Usury System, Praising Muslims and Jews, Pandering to Homosexuals and Blatantly allowing Miscegenation, Encouraging Illegal Immigration at least via failing to Excommunicate Usurpers that Harbor or otherwise Advocate Them, doing the same regarding the Incestuous and Inbred, completely failing to Denounce any of The White Genocides, and completely failing to denounce any of the Catholic Religicides!

How do we go about having him and the rest of the Vatican II Cabal Excommunicated?! I'd point to 1st and 2nd Timothy - but Their perverted notion of Papal Infallibility (using it to mean that They are always acting on God's behalf; opposed to using it to refer to the Legitimate Authority of a true Supreme Pontiff, failing to realize that one can loose this standing - if they ever had it!) will prevent Them from Recognizing or at least Admitting it's proper Authority!

Does their Blasphemy know no bounds?!

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  1. I recalled today that it was Saint Josemaria Escriva, not Padre Pio, whom There Be Dragons was the fictionalized portrayal. I've taken the reference out of the note. I've found many conflicting reports about Pio, however; this merely reinforces my belief that we need to restore the practice of "The Devil's Advocate"!