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Nonlinear Micro-Evolution and Intelligent Design

Macro-Evolution has been Debunked however Micro-Evolution is very much Real.

Homo-Heidelbergensis originated in Germany, as evidence by all of the oldest remains being in Germany!  From there, it spread throughout many places in Europe!  The Saldanha Cranium was determined to be of a Homo-Heidelbergensis; given the obvious vast Genetic Differences between any Whites (especially Nordics) and Negroids, the fact that it is older than the Negroids Remains, and more recent than the aforementioned Nordic Remains, is Definitive Proof of Nordics traveling to South Africa between 3-5 hundred thousand years ago - NOT Negroids coming to Europe!  Again, the oldest Homo-Heidelbergensis skull is from Germany - which again Disproves Afro-Centrism!

There is not one Shred of Evidence that it Evolved from Homo-Erectus (which appears to have come from Asia) - and the notion that it Evolved from Homo-Ergastor (appearing in Sub-Saharan Africa) is even more absurd!  

 Homo-Heidelbergensis actually either Evolved from Homo-Steinheimensis - which likewise originated in Germany! - or a Common Ancestor with it that is as-of-yet undiscovered!   Likewise, there is no evidence linking Homo-Steinheimensis to Homo-Erectus - making the claims that it is linked to Homo-Ergastor even more absurd!  

It is likely Descended from "Homo-Antecessor" - claims of it being Related to either Homo-Ergastor or Homo-Erectus being entirely Unfounded!  H. Antecessor, is Descended from Homo-Dmanisi! 

Interesting to note is that there is a Skeleton in Ireland believed to have been a cross of Homo-Heidelbergensis and Homo-Antecessor!  This apparent Example of Breeding across The Brocca Divide, however, seems to have been an Isolated Incident. 

Homo-Heidelbergensis featured a Divergent Evolution into Denisovians and Homo-Neanderthalensis (sometimes classed as Homo-Sapiens-Neanderthalensis, which is why modern Humans are often called Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens); the later of which Evolved into Cro-Magnon - which had a larger Cranial Capacity than most Beings of today!

 Denisovians went Extinct, around 40,000 years ago, due to Bastardization by Homo-Erectus; the Result of which is "The Red Deer" Species (known for what it Hunted) of what's now China.  It is from Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon Inter-Breeding, conversely, that Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens were born!

Some Neanderthals had Migrated throughout Asia and Miscegenated both Racially and in regards to different Humanoid Species (I Classify the different Races as being part of a Humanoid Pseudo-Family; there being many Extinct Species in each Genus/Race, with Whites being true Humans); thus creating the Mongoloids which would split into East Asians, Amerindians, Mestizos, Pacific Islanders and other Austronesians!

In ancient times, They would Miscegenate with any or all of Scythians, Tocharians, Yuezhi,  Kushans and White Huns in East Asia, Viking and Eirinn (Irish) Solutrean and/or Clovis-Era People in Canada and America, Wari and Proto-Chachapoya i.e. The Warriors of the Clouds (whom would have their Name Stolen by Hybrids; though Nordic Mummies, Architecture, Agriculture, and Weaponry Remain - not to mention numerous unexplained Civilizations and Architectural Styles suggest a Chachapoya and/or Wari Origin or Influence!), and Lost True Isra'el'ites in Mexico!  The Guanches, whom went Extinct on Island off the Coast of North Africa just Centuries ago, leaving Mummies, Statues and Step Pyramids are Believed to be the Ancestors of Proto-Chachapoya and Wari.

Solutreans and Clovis People in North America all either went Extinct or Settled elsewhere - though Empirical Evidence of them still remains!  In Canada, for instance, Leif Eriksson Encountered Hybrids - the Result of Bastardization of earlier Expeditions of his Viking People!

Sub-Saharan Negros never Evolved passed Homo-Habilis, in some places and Homo-Ergastor in others; these two mixed together and later, Miscegenated with Homo-Erectus!  Additionally, there's the as-of-yet-Unclassified Species of The White Race - Extinct due to Bastardization by Negroids! 

Inaccurately, some now say "Out of Australia" - due to some of the most Primitive Skeletons being of Aborigines!  The problem with this is - Our Race did not come from Theirs!  Perhaps it is True for Negroids, with Mongoloids having Originated via Miscegenation with Whites; whereas some Negroids would have Migrated into Africa, and Developed into the Reddish Negroids, Blue Gummed and Ostrich Congolese Bushmen, and other such Mongrel Breeds there now (with various Admixture, along the way).

 With further Miscegenation amongst Mongoloids, around 40,000 years ago, as well as that within the last 5,000 or so years, the Ancestors of the Eponymous Mongols, Chinese (after Emperor Chin), Tibetan, Manchu(rian), Koreans, Uighur, Ainu, Yamato, Khazahks and Uzbeks, Saami, Seto and Komi; some of these Hybrids even Possessing a Mixture of Mongoloid and Caucasoid Traits, or (while all Hybrids will always have Foreign Genotypes!) even just Caucasian Phenotypes!

 I should Explain, here, for those from Easter Europe (where this Term has Acquired a Different Meaning Altogether!); I'm using Caucasian to Refer not to the Mongrels, such as Turkics, but to Us Whites - for They Invaded Our Lands!  They are no more Caucasians than They are Anatolian - though that's another of Our Realms that They have Stolen and Blaspheme to be Theirs!

If you're wondering where Esau-Edomites i.e. Pseudo-Semites i.e. "Jews" and Arabs (literally meaning "Mingle" and "Raven" i.e. Death - for Miscegenation Is Racial Death!) came from, They originated as Hybrids of Chamites (Negroids), Cinites (Mongoloids), Semites and Japhetites (the later two being Adamites i.e. Whites!), and Nephilim (Human-Fallen Hybrids!) - still having more Negroid and Mongoloid than Semite! 

Apart from the Biblical Cinites, the Mongol aspect comes from Tamur/Tamir/Tamer The Lame a.k.a. Tamerlane and Successive Hordes having Invaded the region; at which time there were Esau-Edomite Harlots that gave Themselves over Willingly to his Bastards, and others which were Raped - just as They enjoyed Raping!  They have, furthermore, also mixed with Dravidians! 

On that Note, I might as well explain Dravidians: They were originally Negros but Miscegenated with the Vedic, as well as later with other Scythians [under King Azes II - a Pre-Siddhartha (Siddhartha being a Golden-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Hybrid that Blasphemed to be an Aryan and a Prince of - Post-Kushan - Nepal!) White Buddha!] and later, Kushans who Settled in and around The Indus River Valley.

By the time that those under the Parthian Label had Conquered it, it appears that at least the Predominance of those under their Name were Foreign Breeds.  Persia was so only in Allegation, when it Conquered it under "Shah" Jahan (of Taj Mahal Fame - though he Learnt this Architecture only from Byzantium!).  These Mongrels, likewise, Bred with much of those Curs in Southeast Asia; more-so in India than Nepal, and largely in Pakistan - once Truly a Land of the Pure!

Those in what's now called Indo-China also Miscegenated with Mongoloids; whether Chinoids (Chinese and/or Tibetans, in this Case), Malaysians (which are Austronesians) or both.  Each of the above mentioned White Nations were eventually Inundated and Overthrown by the Dravidians, and sometimes also Arabs and/or Mongoloids- which Miscegenated the Brown and Yellow Breeds (as well as White-Skinned Hybrids!) of that region into existence!  Gypsies are, in point of fact, Dravidians that Miscegenated Their way through The Middle East and into Europe!

Remember: There are many more Phenotypes than Skin-Colour, and Phenotypes are determined by Genotypes - different Genotypes being Unique to different Races!  Even if a Hybrid doesn't have Non-White Phenotypes - They will still have Non-White Genotypes!  When looking at Haplotypes and Haplogroups, one must consider that a particular Sub-Type or Group may exist only amongst Hybrids - if the whole Haplotype or Group isn't of Mamzer origin!

True Berbers a.k.a. Amazigh are Whites - but virtually if nott all of those claiming those names now are Bastardized!  The same is true for the Assyrians and Kurds!

All sorts of Curs run around this planet!  There are, however, Pure Whites; the alleged Research saying otherwise actually merely tested Khazars (such as Pseudo-Ashkenazim and Pseudo-Sephardi "Jews", Khavars a.k.a. Kabars, Avars, Turks, Turkmen, Tartars and Lipka Tartars, Gypsies, Dagestani, Abhkazians  Ingush, Bats, Azeri, Fatimids, Bastard Moores, Saami, Seto, Komi and other such known Hybrids!

It wasn't until Non-Whites Usurped Power in those regions that They started being labeled White - despite Their Genetics!  Whites always pointed out that They were Non-Whites, however; Dzhugashvili a.k.a. Stalin, to name one of many such most despicable Non-White Tyrants, actually had many Murdered for pointing out that he was a Pseudo-Sephardi!

We know of the existence of certain Nations as a matter of Historical Fact, though other aspects of The Holy Bible (not to be confused with "Judeo-Christian","Chrislamic", Afro-Centrist or other "Interpretive" or "Revised" renditions) have neither been Proven nor Debunked; with the Circumstantial Evidence against The Holy Bible being Debunked by Empirical Evidence, which Innately threatens such Inherently Anti-White Manifestations - being of Khazar or otherwise Non-White Design!  More and more, Biblical Scientific Foreknowledge Proves Legitimate!  Such Fields need to be Studied further.

*Those oft-misclassified as Mediterraneans who have a basically-Nordic Skull-Structure are Nordid Atlantids.  As a Racial-Classification, Alpine refers to the Non-Nordic Sub-Group of The White Race which - like Nordics - originated in The Alpine Mountain Range; albeit in a different region!  The Nordic-Mediterranean hybrids that are predominately of Mediterranean Structure are Atlantics (not to be confused with the Atlanteans of Legend, which fit the Nordic description).  Dinarics (Originating upon Mount Dinar) are Alpine-Mediterranean hybrids, whereas Norics (Originating in a Roman Province in what's now Lower Austria, called Noricum) are Nordic-Dinaric hybrids.  Those of such Types also Originated from a Common Racial Stock elsewhere in Europe, granted, but those are the Regions that said Types were first Classified with Regards to.

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  1. I've always been fascinated by Racial Memory; I'd like to see a proper Examination of true History using both Forensic, Psychical and Cultural Anthropology and Paleontology, as well as Molecular Biology. Such would yield vital and fascinating information, surely.

    This further supports my Theory of Non-Linear Micro-Evolution and Intelligent Design! These are Denisovians - Brethren of Neanderthals! Unfortunately, they were Bastardized out by the Homo-Erectus, thus Creating the "Red Deer" (Named for what it Hunted)Species in what's now China!

    Yet another Discovery, this time of an Caucasian Ancestor (Denisovians appear to have been Bastardized before Reproducing with other Species of Our Race/Genus) Homo-Dmanisi are The Oldest Know Whites! This further Proves my Conclusion!

    Recent Evidence Indicates that Negroids Bastardized a Brethren of Neanderthals and Denisovians! This is only further Proof that "Out of Africa" is a Myth - there was actually a Euro-Caucasian Migration INTO Africa! Several, actually, continuing through to Ancient Times.